White Pearl and Crystal Necklace Sterling Clasp 18 inch Handmade

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White Pearl and Crystal Necklace Sterling Clasp 18 inch Handmade


Brides, if you are looking for a simple, elegant and understated look for your wedding day, this handmade necklace is perfect. It's traditional in that it has white pearls, yet at the same time it has just a little bit of bling! The pearls are genuine cultured pearls, and the bling is in the form of a sprinkling of Swarovski crystals. I added a hand forged clasp and pretty extender chain, both of sterling silver. For a finishing touch, I added a little larger crystal on both the clasp and the extender.

The genuine cultured freshwater pearls are not very large -- about 5 mm in diameter. They are white, not quite round, but have a very nice luster. I have sprinkled in a few Swarovski AB xillion (extra sparkly) crystals. Every bride should have a little bit of sparkle!

I hand forged the clasp out of .925 sterling wire, and hammered it to harden it, but also to give it a nice texture. It is a hook type clasp, but it is shaped into a beautiful swirling curve. It also has a single Swarovski bicone crystal to match those in the rest of the necklace.

The 2" extender chain is what's called a figure eight (8) style. It is also made out of .925 sterling silver. This is my favorite chain to design with because I think it is just beautiful. The twists in the eights catch and reflect the light. I also added a matching crystal at the end of the chain for a little extra sparkle as it dangles down your back.

This necklace is 17 1/2 inches (almost 44 cm) long but can extend 2 additional inches (5 cm) so you can adjust it to the perfect length for the neckline of your dress. It is strung on Beadalon 49, so it is very strong and will last for years to come.

Since there's not too much bling, this necklace is versatile enough that you will be able to wear it for other occasions after your wedding is over. But since it is your wedding, don't you want the elegance of real pearls? I know I would.

I also made earrings to go with this necklace -- using the same pearls, crystals, and same style chain. Here is the link if you would like to see it: http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/4729536

This necklace comes with a little silk/satin bag to keep it in.

Shanghai Tai
Unique Artisan Jewelry

Materials Used

genuine cultured freshwater pearls, Swarovski xillion AB bicone crystals, sterling silver figure eight chain, sterling silver wire

More Info

My online store is moving! Please visit me at www.shanghaitai.com

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals sterling silver chain, sterling silver wire

Size: 17.5-19.5" (44-49 cm)

Pattern: Dainty pearl and crystal

Color: White

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ARGENTIUM STERLING SILVER - Like regular sterling, it is 92.5% silver, but instead of the other 7.5% being copper some of it is Germanium. Argentium doesn't tarnish as easily as regular sterling silver. It is also better tolerated by people who are sensitive to copper. For example, I personally cannot wear sterling ear wires but I can wear Argentium.

BAILS that are glued on to glass will eventually come unglued after a few years. If this happens, you can easily glue them back on. Peel off any old glue residue and glue them back on using E6000 glue which is carried by many stores, including discount stores, craft stores and probably hardware stores.

BEADALON is the trade name of possibly some of the strongest, highest quality beading wire available. The number 49 in "Beadalon 49" stands for 49 strands of steel. Seven strands are woven together, then seven of those strands are woven together for a total of 49 strands. It also comes in 19 strands (Beadalon 19) and 7 strands (Beadalon 7)

DICHROIC GLASS is a type of fuseable glass that has a layer of microscopic metals reflect light. The "di" in dichroic means two, because it tends to reflect two different colors depending on the angle you view it from. The dichroic layer is part of the glass and will not wear off.

FINE SILVER is 99.9% silver, so it is more expensive than sterling (or Argentium) silver, which are only 92.5%. It also doesn't tarnish as easily as sterling. It is softer, so not as practical for wire-wrapping or pieces that need strength (like rings).

FUSED GLASS - I fuse the glass in my kiln at almost 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass is fairly thick and actually very sturdy. All the glass is properly annealed (cooled slowly in my kiln). This strengthens it and helps protect against breakage.

GOLD-FILLED - In order for jewelry components to be labeled as "Gold filled" they must have at least 1/20, or 5% of their weight in actual gold. Gold plated, however, is not regulated, and normally is only a very thin (like 7 millionths of an inch) layer of gold. What this means is that when you buy gold plated items, the gold will wear off. Gold filled items are always a better value than gold-plated. They are an affordable alternative to solid gold. If you care for them properly (by not using harsh cleaners, etc.) gold-filled items should last a lifetime. Gold filled is your best affordable alternative to solid gold

Gold vermeil is sterling silver with a layer of gold that is somewhere in between gold plated and gold filled as follows:
Gold plated: 2 to 7 millionths of an inch
Heavy plated sterling: 40 millionths of an inch or up to 20 times more gold than gold plated
Gold vermeil: 100 millionths of an inch, or 2 1/2 times more gold than the heavy plated sterling and up to 50 times more gold than gold plated.

METAL CLAY is made of particles of metal, usually silver, that is mixed with an organic binder. After I make a piece it is thoroghly dried and sanded. Then fired in my kiln at anywhere from 1100-1600 degrees farenheit. This burns out all the organic material and leaves only the metal. In the case of silver clay, what's left is fine silver, 99.9% silver content, as opposed to sterling silver which is 92.5% silver content. Although there is now a sterling silver clay, which would be 92.5%.

NICKEL SILVER: not silver at all, but a base metal alloy containing nickel, copper and usually zinc. Named for it's silver color. (I do not normally use this, here only for comparison)

PEARLS: Pearls occur naturally when a foreign object, like a grain of sand, gets introduced into the shell of a living mollusk (an oyster or clam). The foreign object is irritating to the mollusk, so it coats the object with smooth nacre. There are two types of real pearls: freshwater and saltwater (or sea) pearls, depending on the type of mollusk that created the pearl. Sea pearls come from saltwater mollusks. They are round or close to round, sometimes a little pointy on one end. They can be white, silver, silvery/peacock, or even gold. South Sea pearls, gold South Sea pearls (Australian) and Tahitian pearls are all sea/saltwater pearls. Freshwater pearls come from mollusks that live in freshwater lakes. They are more affordable than sea pearls and come in all kinds of different shapes. Freshwater pearls naturally are white or peach colored -- if you see them in other colors they are either dyed or irradiated to give them those colors. If a pearl occurs all by itself without any help from man, it is a natural pearl. The overwhelming majority of pearls are cultured pearls. Cultured pearls come from pearl farms, where the mollusk has a little help when a person implants a "nucleus" (usually a tiny piece of shell) into the mollusk. The mollusk then begins to create a pearl, which usually resembles the shape of the nucleus. Whether natural or cultured, they are still genuine pearls.

(From Rio Grande Website)

AA-Grade--Available only in half-drilled pearls, these pearls are nearly blemish-free and present an excellent luster.

A-Grade--Pearl surfaces show a few insignificant blemishes. Their luster is good, exhibiting some depth.

A/B-Grade--Surface blemishes are seen easily. The pearl luster is moderate. This grade, though not perfect, is beautiful and offers the most economical value.

Akoya cultured pearls are traditional saltwater pearls originally only from Japan, though China now supplies them as well. Akoya pearls tend to be more valuable and display a greater luster than their freshwater counterparts.

Tahitian cultured pearls, originally cultivated from the black-lipped variety of the pinctada maxima oyster found in the seas of French Polynesia, offer a dark, lustrous sheen ranging from black to graphite to metallic silver and rich with bluish, purple and/or green overtones.

Cultured freshwater pearls are more economical and more readily available. The high-grade varieties of these pearls offer a luscious luster. Freshwater pearls can be found in numerous shapes that serve a wide range of jewelry designs.

TIBETAN SILVER: Base metal, typically iron coated in pewter with a silver plating. (I don't normally use this - here for comparison)

SILVER PLATED: See gold plated - it's the same.

STERLING SILVER: 92.5% silver, 7.5% other metals, usually copper. Sterling silver is stronger than fine silver.



I am very happy with my purchase. The bracelet is gorgeous.
Thank you for the perfect presentation.
Andrea Designs

Guest User

Beautiful earrings! I saw them back in December and just knew I had to have them. They jut happened to be on the fron page of artfire the day I looked. Thank You!

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