elite shungite stones for water, shungite water noble crystals, filter


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elite shungite stones for water, shungite water noble crystals, filter


Elite Shungite stones for water
Unique nuggets for water purification from The Republic of Karelia, Russia.
Weight: 100 grams.(3,53 oz.)
The weight of each stones is 4-10 gr. (0,18-0,35 oz.)

About Elite Shungite stones
The stones have amazing silvery shining and are reach in carbon content (up to 98 %).
Its doposits are very scares and are much less then other types of shungite. Elite shungite stone is a high vibration crystal which should be in a pocket of every person of today. It is the best natural medicine crystal and energy stabilizer and healer. It promotes rejuvenation of the cells in living beings, accelerates recovery processes and promotes growth.

Shungite stones stimulate and promotes most of Chakra and is a universal body and personal energy guard. It brings emotional, mental balance. Its perfect filtering and antibacterial properties make it a good natural remedy against the whole list of the desease like high blood pressure, sore throat, insomnia, skin related deseases and many other ones. It is not surprising that the scientists and doctors call the shungite stone a miracle stone of today.

Fullerenes make shungite such a special stone. They are one of 4 known crystalline modifications of carbon being also most powerful and most long acting antioxidant in a human body fighting free radicals which often cause damage of healthy cells. This makes shungite a real gift of Nature which can strengthen human immune system.

How to make elite shungite water?

Carefully wash elite shungite stones before suing them to get rid of any dust and dirt. In order to prepare the water use around 50-70 grams of stones per one liter of water. You can dring it in 3 hours already though it is better to Ifuse for 2-3 days to get the best result and drink it fresh. Change shungite stones once in 3 months.
To prepare a shungite bath with elite stones you need around 300 gr. (100 gr. per 50 liters). Pour hot water into the bath and put the elite shungite stones. Keep the stones in a bath for 20-30 minutes and then wait till the temperature of water in the bath will be acceptable for you and take a bath for 20-30 minutes. It is recommended to have a shungite bath 3 times per week. Russian scientists have proved that shungite water is a good remedy against the whole plethora of diseases. Thus, if you have skin related diseases or chronic respiratory disease and digesting problem shungite water is what many experts and natural healers recommend.

Elite shungit stones are also used for making pendants which are nown for harmonizing the biofield of a person. You can also keep it in your pocket.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Elite shungite

Pattern: Stones

Color: Silver

Type: elite shungite stones

Theme: water filtration

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