Bee Dance, Lemon & Fennel Essential Oils Candle


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Bee Dance, Lemon & Fennel Essential Oils Candle


Hand made Bee Dance candle scented with Lemon & Fennel essential oils. Made with paraffin & beeswax. A pewter bee charm is attached to the wick. Comes in a 3x3x3 inch box, weighing 9.5 oz

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

The design for our Bee Dance Candle was inspired by the dance honey bees perform in order to communicate with other bees in the hive. When a bee finds a source of nectar, it returns to the hive and "dances" a series of movements telling the other bees where the nectar is located.

Materials Used

paraffin & besswax scented with lemon & fennel essential oils, cotton wick, pewter bee charm

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Parafin & besswax scented with lemon & fennel essential oils

Pattern: Honey bees

Color: Green

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