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Calico Striking Silver Glass Cane - 1/2 pound

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One half pound of StrikingColor Calico cane. The canes are approximately 11 inches long and average about 5-9mm in diameter. The color of the cane is a dark, transparent amber, most of which has a green/blue surface. This glass contains silver, and has the potential to strike to virtually any color, depending on working conditions and heat treatment.

Calico glass can strike to a wide range of colors, giving light or dark, vibrant ambers and blues, ivory, browns, and purples depending on how it is worked. Various shades of amber/brown with blue and purple highlights on a cream/ivory background seem to be the predominant colors. Calico also tends to give good color variations based on how the glass was laid down - if you lay down hot glass on cold it will usually hold the color variations between the two, even after the entire bead has been reheated. If overstruck, the striking sequence can be restarted by getting the glass very hot, cooling, and starting over. Although this glass can give some very nice colors it tends to be somewhat difficult to work/strike. Once it goes dark brown at the start of the striking sequence it can be a little tough to get it to color. For this reason I dont recommend it for silver glass novices. Calico is very similar in composition to my ABM515 glass but was formulated to strike a little slower, although it still strikes very fast initially.

Annealing StrikingColor glass between 900 and 920F is recommended to minimize any color change in the annealer, although this is just a rough guideline as the heating characteristics of different annealers can vary considerably. Annealing at higher temperatures will increase the possibility of unwanted color changes. As a general rule, if your color is shifting drastically during annealing, turn down your oven. If you garage your beads prior to annealing, rather than batch anneal, a garaging temperature of no higher than 880F is recommended.

Calico compatibility with other 104 COE glasses looks good, but testing with any particular glass you plan to mix it with is still advised before going into production. Obviously, compatibility will not be an issue when using this glass is used by itself. Compatibility testing was done against Moretti/Effetre clear cane.

Best used with a neutral to oxidizing flame, experimentation is the ideal way to determine what works best with your torch and fuel combination. The beads in the photos were made with Calico alone. The color variations of the glass in the sample photos are solely due to the striking characteristics of the glass. All sample beads were worked on a Nortel Minor torch using propane and bottled oxygen. Feedback from customers has shown that StrikingColor glass also works well for those using a well maintained oxygen concentrator. It is not recommended for those using HotHead or other single fuel torches.

Because silver glasses can require intermediate to advanced techniques to successfully develop the color(s), this glass is not recommended for those without substantial glass experience.


Shipping to anywhere in the USA is a flat $10.00, no matter the quantity. I will gladly combine multiple orders and refund any shipping overcharges.

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