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Shoe Storage | Shoe Shelving | Shoe Tower | Shoe Rack


This LAZY SHOE-SAN, 360 degree turning French Carousel inspired shoe storage unit is a total solution for showcasing your fashionable shoes in a time honored French tradition while keeping them organized, protected, and saving valuable wall space.

Our 3, 4, 5, and 6-tier Lazy Shoe-Sans listed on ArtFire, are 360 degree rotating circular platform Storage Rack for Women's Shoes. We have the largest maximum capacity shoe storage unit on the market today, each Tier wood round is 28" in diameter.

* French Carousel Design, rotating Lazy Shoe-San.
* Each Tier Cubicle (6 per Tier) Holds a minimum of 2 pair.
* Top of the Shoe-San will hold 10 to 14 pair of shoes
* Keep a total of to 65+ pairs of shoes or more easily organized
* Constructed with high density, All Natural Wood for durability
* Great solution to free up much needed closet space.

Following is an example of a Custom Designed Shoe-San to Tier specifications...match any combination size of the tiers to meet your storage needs.

Example of Tier cubicle heights:

Tier 1: 9" for running shoes
Tier 2: 9" for flat heels
Tier 3: 9" for low heels
then add...Four Tier
Tier 4: 9" for high heels
then add..Five Tier
Tier 5: 10" for high heels and stilettos
then add..Six Tier
Tier 6: 10" for stiletto heels

Top can be used for boots or extra shoes, 10 - 14 pair.

You can specify the 1st Tier ( 14" high) for Boots for a nominal $50.00 up-charge, this will add an additional 6 inches to the height of any of the above Shoe-San units. If you request the boot tier, let us know and we will create a special order listing on Art Fire for your purchase.

You can choose All Natural Wood (Stain/Paint Ready) or chose any of the following Stain Colors at Check-out:

Antique White
Early American
All Natural Wood

Each Tier has six cubicle storage, each displays a minimum of 2 pair. The width between the cubicle partitions is 14" at the front for each of the six cubicles.

All the wood rounds used in our Shoe-San's are 28" in Diameter (measured straight across the round) and 1/2" thick.

Height of the Shoe-San's...from Floor to Top of the unit: 5 Tier...50 inches

This 28" diameter Lazy Shoe-San French Carousel design fits perfectly in most closets and our premium craftsmanship makes this Multi Tiered shoe storage unit made of all natural wood, fit seamlessly inside most standard closets and for sure, all Walk-In Closets.

Our Lazy Shoe-San French Carousel rotating shoe storage unit is the most cost effective shoe storage solution on the market today so you can spend more money on shoes and spend less time on figuring out where to put them. Save most of your closet wall space.

We use Pocket-Hole Joinery to construct the Shoe-San, where we drill three holes into each separator (two at the bottom, one at the top) at a 15 degree angle into each separator, and then join all six of the separators to each 28” tier round using self-tapping screws. This highly effective strong jointing technique, has its roots in ancient Egypt. Egyptians clamped two work-pieces together and bored a hole at an angle from the outside work-piece into the second work-piece to semi-hide the screws and create a extremely strong joint.

We add the best precision ball bearing (silicon lubricated) on the market today. Our bearing mechanism delivers a superb quiet and smooth operation and is attached to a 24" x 24" diameter, 1 1/4" thick wood round Turntable platform for stability, balance and ease of rotation, plus the metal anodized ball bearing mechanism inserted between the 28" first tier Susan round and the 24" wood turntable platform is rated at 1000 pounds weight capacity. Ball Bearings are Silicon lubricated to resist moisture and rust. Our unique Turntable system results in a silky smooth 360 degree capability for instant access to any shoe on the Shoe-San.

The Shoe-San is not a DIY product. The Shoe-San is a fully finished product. You can assemble ALL tiers by following our simple easy to follow instructions. All you need is 10 minutes per tier, and one Phillips Screwdriver, that's it!...Easy as Pie!

The Shoe-San's, depending on the number of tiers, can weigh up to a total of 70 pounds as is the Six Tier unit. We use FedEx, Home Delivery exclusively to ship and deliver to your home. We also will need your contact telephone number for FedEx to contact you if necessary to deliver your Shoe-San on a timely basis.

The Shoe-San Shoe Storage Rack is a Must Have Closet Shoe Storage Masterpiece for all Trendy Woman. Each Shoe-San is handmade when your order is placed.
All orders on this item are FREE SHIPPED 3-4 weeks after date of order.

Any questions, contact me before you purchase and I will contact you ASAP.

Handmade in the USA by Woodworking Artisans in North Wales, PA and Livingston TX.
"If we don't make it, we don't sell it"

Materials Used

all natural wood,metal ball bearing mechanism,stain,paint, polyurethane

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Wood

Size: 28" diameter, 50 inch high

Pattern: Natural Wood

Color: White

Style: Lazy Susan

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