Something truly unique! A leather didgeridoo.

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Something truly unique! A leather didgeridoo.


Sometimes odd things happen. I've been a shoemaker/leatherworker for decades. Recently I've gotten into making musical instruments. Last year, a dear friend introduced me to the wonders of playing the ancient aboriginal didgeridoo. The inevitable happened, and I began to scheme a way to make a didge out of leather. Now that's not the sort of material one would think of for this purpose. Leather, after all, is not something that one associates with musical instruments....not noted for its tonal quality, after all. Also, didgeridoos tend to be a little...shall we say...juicy when played. I had to find a way to correct these drawbacks. I wet-molded saddle-skirting leather and stitched into shape, then let it dry. This was followed by several layers of epoxy inside and out to waterproof it and to make the leather more "vibratory".
Here's the result. This "primitive" wind instrument is nearly six feet long with a six-inch flare at the end. Despite what you might expect from the decidedly non-resonant material, this didgeridoo booms out a huge baritone drone in the key of "D". The tone is mellow and resonant with rich harmonics and strong back-pressure. That latter makes the circular breathing technique a dream to execute. Despite its awesome size, this is a very user-friendly instrument, perfect for the beginner or experienced performer. It doesn't get more folk-music, down-home tribal than a didgeridoo!
I'm very proud of this musical instrument...I've never had a "proof of concept" come out so completely correct on the first try! In the future, I'll be making more elaborate didges...with tooling and dyes. This is the basic aboriginal instrument, with a base price of $300.00, plus shipping.

Materials Used

Leather, bees wax, epoxy, thread.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Leather and epoxy

Size: Six feet

Color: Brown

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I guarantee all of my knives under normal conditions. Any kind of abuse will invalidate the guarantee. That's doing things like throwing them, or using them as hatchets. It breaks my little heart to see my work destroyed like that!
After being in this field for all these years, I fear I've become somewhat suspicious after being ripped off a few times. Therefore, I have to set some ground rules.
1. Communicate ONLY through ArtFire. A temporary Yahoo email address gets my hackles up and Spidey senses tingling.
2. You may not realise it, but there's an astonishing amount of work involved in all of my creations. The prices I list are more than fair. Please don't insult me by trying to haggle or offering a trade.
3. Payment is either by PayPal, if I need to ship something, or cash if you're in the area and would just like to pick it up. That'll even give you local folks a chance to look at things and play with them! I won't accept money orders, vague promises of payment later or third-party checks.
4. While we're on that subject: don't tell me you absolutely MUST HAVE something, but you're in the process of moving and can't come by, personally, or wait for delivery. (One person even claimed she was on a scientific expedition at the South Pole. A+ for originality!) I'm not going to give a $500 knife to your agent/mover/lab assistant in exchange for a money order or cashier's check.

What it comes down to is mutual respect. I will go the extra mile for any of my customers. I hope my customers realise that I am an artist and a craftsman with above-average skills. My work speaks for itself.


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