Kingdom Hearts - Paopu Fruit Friendship Necklace Set - SALE


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Kingdom Hearts - Paopu Fruit Friendship Necklace Set - SALE


Intertwine your destiny with your best friend or that special someone with these Kingdom Hearts Friendship Necklaces! This pair of split Paopu Fruit Pendants are the perfect gift for couples celebrating anniversaries, or just two gamers who want to share their love for video games. No matter what your connection, this pair of necklaces will always remind you of a special bond that will keep you together through any distance or time.

This listing is for:
1 Set of Paopu Fruit Friendship Necklaces

The pendants are each about one and one-fourth inches in height, completely hand made out of polymer clay and coated in a shiny, protective sealant. They each come attached to their own black hemp cording necklace closed with a lobster claw clasp onto a star shaped ring. Each pair of charms is unique and crafted specifically to fit nicely with only its other half, and each charm has its own leaf so they still look lovely even when they are apart.

These are special SALE items because they are made of Colored Clay with no painted outer coat, so there may be some slight blemishes such as dust, color imbalances, or minor finger print smudges. Any visible flaws will be minor, but because of the possibly of imperfections, they are being offered at a 40% Discount. If you are interested in the more uniformly high quality painted version, you can find them for sale here:

Be sure to check out the rest of my store for Kingdom Hearts inspired charms and generally geeky jewelry like this! They go great with my Mini Paopu Fruit and Sea Salt Ice Cream Charm Earrings too!

More Info

Please be aware before ordering, these SALE ITEMS are made of only Colored Clay (no paint) and may contain slight color or texture imperfections. If you have any questions, please send me an Artfire Message or e-mail me at and I would be happy to help.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Polymer Clay

Size: Standard

Color: Yellow

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Very nice! My husband loves the Triforce earrings, and I can't wait to see what sort of reaction the metroids get :-). Thanks again.


These are perfect! I kind of don't want to take them out of the package and risk infection lol. Communication was outstanding. Shipping was very fast. Overall 10/10.


Sorry the comment is late >.< but thank you for the kirby necklace and alice in wonderland earrings! they were perfect and I love wearing them!! it would be impossible to find things like this in stores, so than you for making epic stuff :]


Earrings and Phonestrap are perfect =) They're awesome and I love them! I'll buy again from you, thank you !


What a cute Vulpix charm necklace! My friend will love receiving this surprise in her Christmas stocking! Thank you!


This is a beautiful pendant!

Guest User

Amazing! Such good quality and it arrived very quickly despite coming from the US at Christmas time. Very pleased and very good purchase! Very happy! :)

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