Native American style beaded hatband, loom beaded hat band Earthtone


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Native American style beaded hatband, loom beaded hat band Earthtone


Native American style beaded hat band, loom beaded hatband. Earthtone browns with the look of tapestry.

All my beaded hatbands are individually hand beaded on my handmade oak loom, by myself personally, using only quality Japanese seed beads. Please see comments from customers purchasing this hatband, under MORE INFO, following this description of hatband.

This particular hat band found a home recently, so I do not currently have one beaded or available. It is an exquisite, intricate and detailed geometic Native American Style beaded hatband. If you would like me to custom bead one like it for you, please contact me and I can bead it for you. I can usually bead and ship within 10-14 days depending on my current beadwork schedule. It is one of my favorites. Truely.......


It is a very attractive 13-line wide hatband, I made the pattern in August 2004. It finishes at 5/8" wide with 333 rows, incorporating 4,329 individual tiny size 15/0 quality glass seed beads, in 8 earthtone colors of, brown, taupe, rust, bone, antique ivory, khaki, Dark Olive and Black.

The beadwork is finished neatly with natural deerhide tabs (ends). No glueing over beadwork like some, and finishes at approximately 23" in length. You then have a long matching deerhide lacing/tie to attach the hatband around the crown of you hat. If it needs to be beaded because the previous one sold, you can have the choice of Brown leather tabs also.

This attractive hatband with the feel of fabric would look great on and add a "Touch of Class" to that special hat. Made like this one that sold, would fit nicely on all hats sized 7 1/8 and larger.

(Measure around the crown of your favorite hat). If you need one a little longer or shorter, I can bead it to your custom length to fit your hat size, since this one listed sold. Thanks for your interest.

My beadwork is quality American-Handmade Craftsmanship. This hatband patterned by myself, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity Card, with a guarantee of being meticulously handmade by me, entirely on a bead loom with my signature and date, and future contact information



Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I patterned this one in August 2004, when I wanted to come up with a hat band with intricate detail and earthtone colors with a "Touch of Class". It's in exquisite taste and adds the perfect touch to that special hat. It is very versatile and will look great with any hat, the color of any of the bead colors I used.

Materials Used

15/0 Quality Glass seed beads, natural deer hide Leather Ends

More Info


From: Macdonald Sean (Appleton, Wisconsin)
Sent: Fri 2/01/13
To: Andrea Walker

I love it!! You're awesome...!

Sean D. Macdonald

From: Judy Allen (Iowa - Native American)
Sent: Thu 12/06/12
To: Andrea Walker

Hi Andrea, his hat size is 7 1/4.......and dark finish is good his hat is brown. Yes I am native..... O'sni Ponca....that is Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, I am on our Tribal Council as well. Your work looks beautiful on-line, I am sure it is in person too.
Thank you for starting right away and have a wonderful holiday season....

Wakonda Wi'Bthu-hu E'Withae Wongithe " Thank You Creator For All My Relatives"

Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012
From: Judy Allen (Ponca Tribe of Nebraska)
To: Andrea Walker


I received the hat band and it is beautiful, quality work. It is for my husband and the colors are just what his hat needs. It is a Christmas present so he hasn't seen it yet but I know he will love it......

Judy Allen

Wakonda Wi'Bthu-hu E'Withae Wongithe " Thank You Creator For All My Relatives"

From: Judy Allen
Sent: Sun 12/30/12 10:36 PM
To: Andrea Walker

Yes Andrea he loved the hatband and it looks so pretty on his new hat, thank you for your talent and dedication to your product. Happy New Year.

Judy Allen

Wakonda Wi'Bthu-hu E'Withae Wongithe " Thank You Creator For All My Relatives"

Product Attributes

Primary Material: 15/0 Quality Glass Seed Beads, Natural Deer hide leather ends

Size: 5/8" x 23" or more

Pattern: Earthtone Tapestry

Color: Brown

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I am sorry for any inconvenience, but effective Nov. 2015 all orders seem to have to be processed through signing up or logging in to a PayPal account. This is inconvenient to my customers wanting to send a Postal Money Order or personal check. So if you don't have a PayPal Account or want one, please contact me to tell me which hatband you wish to order and give me your hat's crown measurement and not over any existing hatband or ribbon. Thanks!!


Although I have a 5 out of 5 STAR RATING, I have not received any comments, which does not give possible new customers anything to go by. Guest buyers or Artfire members not logged in for that matter, cannot leave comments or feedback for the Seller on the Seller Rating page. (Shopper's Comments)

Therefore, I've decided to post my email comments or reviews received from my past customers under the section MORE INFO below the Product Description on the listing or beaded hatband they purchased, to give you some kind of an idea of the quality and creditibility of my beadwork. I am thankful and privileged to have such great customers.


For Custom Designed Beadwork orders, contact Seller, Andrea on Artfire at upper right corner of studio page and provide me with your email address!

All New Designed Custom Orders require a $40 non-refundable deposit/fee to begin a custom designed hatband, in addition to the cost of the hatband and shipping. I ship within the U.S. and internationally with USPS Priority Mail on all beaded hatband orders.


If item was misrepresented or not as described, a claim for a refund will be indisputable. Item must be returned to seller within 7 days from when it was delivered, and in original condition. The purchase price of the item, less $10.00 (to cover fees)will be refunded in the form payment was received. Any Shipping cost will not be refunded.

All return shipping and handlng fees will be at the expense of the buyer and non-refundable. Please return item the same shipping method it was sent.



Guest User

This is a fantastic piece of art. The craftsmanship is outstanding, Andrea is an absolute pleasure to deal with. The pictures do not do the hat band justice. Andrea is a true artist. If you want an awesome beaded hat band to make your hat truely one of a kind let Andrea make it for you.
Thanks for the unique hatband. I will come back for another.

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