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One Prosperity Chi Ball Energy Powerful Session Prosperity

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One Prosperity Chi Ball Energy Powerful Session Prosperity


HI My Name is Maria

I am Reiki Master , I am Minister of the Universal Light I have 20 years of experience helping people all over the world and in person...

What is a Reiki chi ball?
A Reiki chi ball is a method of sending Reiki attunements and healings when
you are not present with the client.

How does a chi ball work?
Similar to distant Reiki sessions, you can form the healing or attunement into
an energetic ball of Reiki. After doing this you can release the chi ball into the
Universe, with the intention of sending it to the recipient when they call it in..

For my experience Chi balls are very strong and powerful and work more faster.....

You are paying for a complete session under your name of powerful Chi Ball distant Reiki healing , I will encrease your energy level 100 % for the manifestation of ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY.I need your name , date if birth and your picture. You will receive a detail email information about your session.

Reiki is universal life-force energy,It is directed by the universal intelligence and know where and what to heal.

Reiki is Divine Love, the healing energy guided by Divine intelligence. Reiki never causes harm and always works for the highest good.


Reiki can help:
Stress Relief and Relaxation
Relief of Pain and Promotes Healing
Increasing Physical Energy
Enhancing Immune Function
Spiritual Growth & Personal Empowerment
Experiencing Inner Peace
Enhancing Meditation & Intuition
Clearing & Energizing Your Home the healing energy guided by Divine intelligence.

History of Reiki

Usui Mikao was born in Japan the 15th of August 1865.
The name Reiki comes from Usui Sensei, who used this ancient form of healing in his clinic, Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, outside Tokyo. The clinic was opened in the beginning of 1900's and it still exists today, a century later.

During the Meiji period a large number of hand healing techniques were taught in Japan but most of these groups disappeared after World War II. One of the more important groups called Taireidou, was lead by Morihei Tanaka, who was said to have been Usui Sensei's teacher. What exactly Usui Sensei learned from Mr. Tanaka is not known.

Mrs. Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to the west. She received her initial Reiki training in Japan, up to level two, Oku-Den, and received her Reiki Master from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi when he visited Hawaii in 1938.

In an effort to make Reiki acceptable in the west the practitioners presented Usui Sensei as a physician or a Christian monk, but later information has verified that he was a traditional Japanese businessman, loyal to his Emperor.
Usui Sensei also worked with programmed crystals, breathing exercises, scanning and other eastern healing methods in his clinic. However these methods where left out when Reiki was brought to the west.

Usui Reiki Principles

-- Just for today do not worry
-- Just for today do not anger
-- Honor your parents, teachers and elders
-- Earn your living honestly
-- Show gratitude to everything-- Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings
-- Just for today I will not worry
-- Just for today I will not be angry
-- Just for today I will do my work honestly
-- Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.
-- We shall count our blessings and honor our fathers and mothers, our teachers and neighbors and honor our food
-- Make an honest living
-- Be kind to everything that has life

The Reiki symbols cannot cause harm or be used with harmful intentions. Many people therefore question the need for secrecy and the symbols are now widely published in books and on the Internet.

However Reiki symbols can be only use with love ,honesty,and for experience Masters.

The Three Reiki 2 Symbols

CHO KU REI - The Power Symbol or the light switch, Put all the power of universe here.
Directs energy to the physical body.

SEI HE KI - The Mental Symbol is used for purification, cleansing and protection.

Directs energy to the emotional body or subconscious mind.

HON SHA ZE SHO NEN - The Distance Symbol is used to send Reiki to the past, present or future. Healing karma.
Directs energy to the mental body or conscious mind.

The Three Reiki 3 or Masters Symbols

DAI KO MYO - is used both for attunement and healing and it works on the spiritual body level, healing the soul.

DUMO - is a Tibetan Master Symbol representing the fiery heat of the kundalini.

FIRE SERPENT - is often used when passing attunements.

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I do not make refunds, because I need to use materials to make all sessions and spells, but I care about my customers and I will fight to bring the best results and if need it I will repeat my work.

Important Statement:
The magic begins when you are absolutely certain that you will wrap in light ...... only those who believe in the invisible can do the impossible, a reality,a miracle.
My maximum Psychic desire was always to make people dreams come true.
Specially from the ones that need more help,
who feel desolate,disappointment,hopelessness ,of a life with many obstacles. And not only help them pass these obstacles but also transform their lives ..... even in the most difficult and complicated cases.
My research of over 27 years has led me to find all the secrets and knowledge to achieve that magic can transform a life forever.
The magic for me is the divine energy flowing naturally in the growth and transformation of a life. Manifesting into reality. Creating a miracle.I use all my natural and gifted powers , my psyche, the Reiki Masters, the laws of atracction and nature, methapysical secrets, and all my knowledge of the unseen world to create magic and miracles.
The intentions have to be good and positive.
I only work in week days...
The person has to open his/her spirit to a spiritual connection.
The people involved in each ritual has to give consent.
Manipulation is not used under any circumstances.
Negative attitudes do not contribute to the activation of a spiritual ritual session, distant healing, psychic reading, spell or transmitting energy.
There must be respect for the laws of the universe, the divine law.
If you disagree , if you don't feel identified with my words or simply looking for something different, please do not buy from my listings.
Thanks very much anyway for visiting my list.
If in 3 months there has been no change in your situation, contact me for find a new solution, offering a new Spell for free (No charges).
The feedback is important to us. please contact us if you are not satisfied.
Sometimes we can't get a connection with the person. contact us
By the law: only for 18 years or more and for entertainment purposes only.
La magia comienza cuando estas completamente seguro que te va envolver en su luz...... solo aquellos que creen en lo invisible pueden hacer realidad lo imposible.
Como Psíquica mi máximo deseo fue siempre poder realizar los sueños de todas las
personas que necesitan ayuda, que se sienten desoladas y perdidas en la desilusión y desesperanza de una vida con muchos obstáculos. Y no solo ayudarles a pasar esos obstáculos sino también transformar sus vidas..... aun en los casos mas difíciles y complicados.
Mi investigación de mas 27 anos me ha llevado a encontrar todos los secretos y los conocimientos para lograr tener esa Magia
que puede transformar una vida para siempre.
La magia para mi es la energía divina fluyendo naturalmente en el crecimiento y la transformación de una vida. Manifestándose en una realidad. Creando un milagro.
Yo utilizo todos mis poderes naturales ,mis dones de nacimiento ,mi psiquismo ,la maestría Reiki, las leyes de la naturaleza,la metafísica ,y todo mis conocimientos sobre el mundo invisible para crear Magia .
Las intenciones tienen que ser buenas y positivas.
La persona tiene que abrir su espíritu a una conexión espiritual.
Las personas involucradas en cada ritual tienen que dar su consentimiento.
No se usa la manipulación bajo ningún concepto.
las actitudes negativas no contribuyen a la activación de una sesión espiritual ritual, curación a distancia ,lectura psíquica ,hechizo o transmisión de energía.
Tiene que haber un respeto por las leyes del universo, la ley divina,y los limites de ambas.
Estas son mi reglas de etica,si no esta de acuerdo con ellas , si no se siente identificado con mis palabras o simplemente esta buscando algo diferente ,por favor no compre de mis listados. Agradezco de todos modos haber visitado mi lista .
Nadie esta obligado a tener mis creencias .
Si en 3 meses no ha habido ningún cambio en su situación ,comuníquese conmigo para
buscar una nueva solución ,ofrecerle un nuevo Spell o conjuro .
La retroalimentación es importante para nosotros . No tome una desicion apresurada en poner uno de forma negativa, comuníquese.
A veces en algunos casos no se da la conexión necesaria con la persona en cuestión .
Por que asi lo requiere la ley : Todos mis listados son solo para mayores de 18 anos o mas y con proposito de entretenimiento.
Distance / Remote Healing / Alignments / Atunements /Reiki / Mantras/
Be sure to add me to your
favorites list
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading and speedy response. Member id beachbillie1956 ( Feedback Score Of 672 )

-- (#5566868690)
A+++++++++++++++seller. what a deal, truthful reading.will be back Member id disneygirltrekie ( Feedback Score Of 1658 )

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Guest User

I'm so happy to be angel Maria's repeat customer. She's amazing in all she does. Everything she has done for me so far has manifested fully. The amazing thing about her is that she knows what you need best. She's always there to support me in all my endeavors no matter what it is. If I ask for something that's not good for me in the end, she'll tell me right off the bat and yet will keep working to meet my needs. An A above and beyond. She'll be the best guide of your life you've ever met.Truly, best of the best out there!!!!!

Guest User

If you are looking for someone trustworthy and skillful, then look no further. You've come to this amazing place for a reason. I've known angel Maria for 1.5 years now and it's a day and night between what I was then and who am I now. Words can't possibly describe the professionalism, skillfullness, abilities and kindness of this woman. Sometimes I even wonder if she's a real angel that's how surreal her abilities are.
Her healings are effective right away and her coaching is priceless. I'm thrilled to be her customer here on artfire, as I know there are always people like me who are not just looking for a good deal but for quality, too. She's an A above and beyond. Best of the best, trust me. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Guest User

I can't ever get enough of this lady's wise predictions. Every word is like golden and thru all this time i've learned to trust all her advise. As i was recently applying for a certain job, she had told me to stay away from that very place. I kind of wasn't getting great vibes about the place either, so i trusted her as always. In about 1-2 months time, I found extremely negative detailed info on that company and one more time stood in awe on how on target angel Maria was. She's mine A source of truthful info always. She takes your case to heart and does an incredible job with all sorts of things whether that be a reading, healing or casting a spell. Highly, highly recommended seller that youll feel so comfortable with discussing your issues that you'll feel at home with her. Fantastic, fabulous and magic, just to say the least.

Guest User

I'm absolutely in love with angel Maria. Her kindness and the genuine approach to your issues is extraordinary. As I got slightly injured, she sent me this immediate healings that made me heal almost overnight. I have met good kind people before but angel Maria treats you not like a dumb customer who is supposed to buy everything they tell you but as a close family or a friend for that matter. You get that personal touch that is so hard to find nowadays. I like to be in the know when things are being done and that's how Maria is different from others. She'll always find time to explain what's to be expected and what and how you should be thinking from now on to attract good things into your life. I'm more tan impressed with her communication style and TLC that she treats me with. I highly, highly recommend her, as she's A1 person all the way around. The best of the best!!!!!!

Guest User

This seller rocks! Highly recommended A

Guest User

Very caring and supportive caster. Couldn't believe the speed with which she got back to me to give the schedules. I'll definitely be back soon for seconds.highly recommended!

Guest User


Guest User

I can hardly contain myself, as Maria helped me land the job I so wanted! I can't say enough good things about her, other than she's a true angel who makes wishes come true. Highly recommended. A . Love her to pieces!


Love this seller. Highly recommended! Will be back for seconds soon.


Great insightful reading. Very kind and caring healer.Highly recommended! I'll definitely be back soon.


Amazing healing results right away. I could hardly use my arm with the pinched nerve. She got back to me very fast and in the morning the pain was gone like nothing ever happened. Surreal experience! Highly recommended! A above and beyond.


Very good psychic. Highly recommended! A . You'll get to love her.


Very accurate description of the situation. Spot on! A highly recommended!

Guest User

My love situation has improved 100%. If I didn't have any beaus before, now I've got so many after Maria starting working on my aura ,that I have a hard time between choosing between them. Love this lady to pieces. She'll fix your love life for sure. A . Wonderful!

Guest User

Great, intuitive reading on the money. Will be back very soon! A ***


Amazing seller and the products that yield results pretty fast. Highly recommended in all respects! A

Guest User

She's my true guardian angel. I don't know what I'd do without her. I highly recommend Maria to anyone who needs some healing, love harmony or job/ money. She's helped in all those areas and her input is very noticeable. She's an absolute perfection in all respects, and I love her to pieces. Thx for your kindness, my angel!. Highly recommended A above and beyond.

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