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Gorgeous Ring previously Witch Owned. Love spells!

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Georgeous ring previously owned by White Wiccan Witch. It holds spells of love and commitment!

It is a beautiful and bold statement ring that comes from a Wiccan Witch's personal collection!

It is a size 7. It is not a precious metal and I am unsure of what metal it is. It has been worn by at least three people over the years with none of them having ended up with green fingers I would not suggest re-sizing of this ring.

It holds the spells of:


Drawing power


Drawing power is the ability to draw to you the things that you desire. It can be love, money, success, or any other desire you may have.

It is a white magick instilled piece so there will be no harm to anyone or anything with it's use.

This is not only a very pretty ring to wear, it also holds great powers.

It will protect you.

It will draw your desires to you.

It will bring about love for you or strengthen the love that you currently have

It will bring total commitment to you from your love.

This ring is able to put a positive spin on your life!!

Plus it's just pretty to wear!!

This ring is spellbound with Protection, Drawing Power, Love, and Commitment spells.

This piece is from a private collection of magickal items. I have recently received a select few pieces of powerful items from my grandmother's collection. She is 96 years old and beginning to go through her items and "weed out" those that she no longer gets proper time use of.

She would like to see it go to someone who can appreciate its power and beauty.

Anyone can use this magick at anytime!!

The ring is bound by pure white magick that will never leave. It was bound many years ago during an ancient origin ritual casting/spellbinding of four covens.

It is very powerful and has given my grandmother many years of great service.

I am a very enlightened witch, therefore, my spells have great power . The spells have been handed down through six generations.

My entire life has been a journey of the path and I have shared the great results of magick by not only casting for myself but for others as well. I have been casting for over 25 years.

I have been working with individuals and couples through tarot readings, casting, and teaching meditation.

I was born an empathic medium. I have worked hard on the gifts I was given to create skills that I can use and share to make life more meaningful.

I have been called upon by other covens to teach spell casting, candle magick, and ritual.

Please see more about me below.

Please be careful in what you ask.. sometimes the answers are not what you expected!

The ring will be cleansed before it goes out to the new owner so that no residual energy is left from the previous owner. This allows the piece to properly bind to the new owner.

Who Am I ?

My name is Annika.

I am proud and humbled to be a sixth generation Wiccan Witch.

I was born an empathic medium as were the women born before me in my family. I have worked very hard my entire life to turn the gifts I was given into skills that can be used to help others. It is not always fun for me because as an empath I easily sense surrounding emotions and spirits. Big crowds can become overwhelming for me. I continue to do what I do because the reward of helping others progress through life is more of a high than the low is a low.

My entire life has been a journey of the path and I have shared the great results of magick by not only casting for myself but for others as well. I have been casting for over 25 years.

The spells and magick that I use has been taught down through six generations. The oldest items and spells that I have/use are 185 years old!

I have been a member of the Coven of the Arc since 1989. My grandmother (who is 96) has remained the high preistess of our Coven since it's formation. She has been a coven member since 1932. Every member of the coven has many years of knowledge to offer.

My offerings of spellcasting are powerful and true. I charge according to the complexity and time it takes to cast the spell. I will not sell you the idea of a spell for 99 cents....the items that are used in even the most basic spells are of greater cost than that and I do not "lump cast". Each person gets their own casting so no magick is crossed. I will spend the time to prepare myself and the items needed to properly cast a powerful spell. The coven spells are cast on the full moons. This is usually done during ritual. We only offer a few spellcastings per full moon, again, because of the time it takes to properly conjure, cast, or envoke for just one spell.

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Color: Grey

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