Christmas Tree Bulk Soap Log Handmade with Fir Spruce Cedarwood Oils


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Christmas Tree Bulk Soap Log Handmade with Fir Spruce Cedarwood Oils


This uncut log of bulk handmade Christmas Tree Soap is all natural and made with fir, spruce, and cedarwood essential oils. The log is 15.5" long and swirled with comfrey powder. Think pine tree flocked with frost or snow!

Christmas Tree Soap will fill your bathroom with the crisp scent of an evergreen tree. It's the perfect holiday addition for your soap dish. This bar is formulated as an all purpose bar, great for holiday bathing, showers, or hand washing.

When you purchase this log, you are getting soap equal to 15 bars of my Granpa Henry's Christmas Tree Soap. For only $40.00 you're getting $60.00 worth of handmade soap. That's the same as purchasing each bar of soap for US $2.67. This is an excellent deal!

Made at the time of your order, this log will ship 3 to 7 business days after your order. You can use this uncut log to cut bars any size you desire. I recommend 1/2 to 1-1/2 inch slices.

To cut your own soap, use a simple miter box and a pastry scraper or long cake knife.

This fresh, uncut log is also perfect for rolling soap balls. Cut the soap into small cubes or grate it. Then you can press the soft soap into any size ball you desire. Press soap around a string or small rope to make Christmas ornaments or soap on a rope!

Though this soap is fresh, it is fully saponified and safe for use. Please note that fresh soap is high in water content. It will last much longer if you allow your cut bars or soap balls to further dry for 2 weeks before use. If you can't wait, make sure to store your soap in a draining soap dish between uses.

If you prefer a full log of pre-cut soap, see my additional listings of bulk soap.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Christmas in Appalachia was a simple celebration. Grandpa Henry went no further than his back field to get a Christmas Tree. His ridge-top farm is now part of Wayne National Forest. The evergreens have reclaimed the ridge. This fragrant pine, spruce, and fir reminds me of my hikes among Grandpa's Christmas Trees.

Materials Used

saponified oils (lard, coconut, olive, sunflower, castor), essential oils (fir needle, cedarwood, spruce), cocoa butter, evening primrose oil, natural colorant (comfrey)

More Info

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS!!! Bulk cut logs will ship to Canada for $40.95 each and all other countries for $59.95 each. If you wish to order an uncut log, please contact me personally.

Product Attributes

Color: Green

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Thank you for your interest in Appalachian Heritage Soaps & Sundries! Here are few details that you might need to know before placing your order...

I ship via USPS. I ship first class or Priority Mail flat rate, whichever is cheaper for you or reflects your request. Any excess shipping cost charged to you will be refunded. Orders will be shipped within 2 business days, except for bulk log orders. Logs are made fresh upon your order and will ship within 3-7 business days.

I do not insure shipments, unless you request such.

Handmade soaps can vary from batch to batch. Any time we work with natural products the results are never guaranteed. With that in mind, you may expect to see slight differences in scent, color or shape. But I do emphasize that the differences are slight.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the quality of a product, please contact me and we will arrange an exchange or refund.



thank you


This soap is wonderful! Shipped fast and beautifully packaged. I love how you use your family history in all your products. very cool!


This soap smells heavenly. Thank you.


Great seller!! I have been wanting to try her soaps, and glad I finally did!! Super fast shipping!! I just ordered them two days ago! The soaps were packaged very nicely! They smell great!! Thank you!


Love these! They smell awesome. I love the lavender and buttermilk, my personal favorite!


Very quick to ship. Great gift idea for the guys.


I LOVE the scent, thank you so much!!!!!!!!


I can't wait till I try this soap and ointment! Thank you!


Awesome products and fast shipping! Thank you!


The ointment hs been wonderful on my eczema and it looks great! The shipping was really fast. I couldn't be happier!!!


Love the products! Thank you.


Love the products! Thank you.

Guest User

wonderful seller -- wonderful products! I've been using the poison ivy soap for my adult acne problems -- my skin feels tingly clean and refreshed. I love that I'm buying natural products from a small business, rather than wasting my money on expensive cosmetic products that haven't really worked very well... I'm also excited to try the pine tar soap on my doggies -- they tend to get itchy skin in winter, so I'm hoping this will help them, too!


Love the products


The soap smells great! Thank you! :)

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