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Jewelry Pricing Formula Calculator - VERSION 2 - Easy to Use

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If you already own Version 1, please go to my listing for the upgrade to Version 2. Thanks.

This is an Excel file. So you must have Excel, or access to Excel, for the pricing calculator to work.

You don't, however, need extensive knowledge of Excel. The only thing you'll be doing is opening the file and filling in the high-lighted cells with the answers to easily answerable questions about the piece of jewelry you are trying to price.

There are four worksheets in this file.

Worksheet 1: In depth instructions for each section

Worksheet 2: A way to calculate the price of sterling silver and 14k gold-fill round wire (a commonly used item in jewelry making)

Worksheet 3: A way to easily arrive at the total cost for the materials used in the piece of jewelry. This worksheet can be used on your computer to merely get a total, or you can also print the page out and keep it with your stock for record keeping.

Worksheet 4: Finally then, we can figure our options for pricing. Since life doesn't have just one scenario, neither does the pricing calculator. These calculatiosn will tell you the following seven things:

1) If you have to sell it for less than this, consider cannibalizing instead

2) The lowest you should ever sell it for (but that means bills are due now!)

3) For advertising, incentive or personal discounts

4) A lower-end price where you would still make a profit and stay in business

5) The average price that is most fair to you and to your customer

6) What you may be able to price it at if you have a strong following

7) The price a store may charge for it once you sell it to them

The pricing suggestions are based on:

1) the cost of materials you use

2) the hours you spent making the piece

3) how much skill was needed to create the piece

4) the uniqueness of the piece

As well as other factors.

I realize that most people who sell this type of item (pricing calculators, tutorials, etc) don't offer returns, but I only want happy and satisfied customers. So if you purchase this and don't like it for any reason, you have two weeks to let me know and ask for a refund (which will be given in full).

For those who end up liking it, I think you'll find that $10 was well worth it for something you'll use over and over for years to come.

The file generally arrives within 24 hours via email (although usually much, much soon), so make sure to give me your preferred email address (one that allows attachments) when making your payment.

I have sold this calculator to people abroad. If you don't use "dollars", just ignore the dollar signs and calculate with your own currency standard. The formulas are the workhorse.


Materials Used

excel file

Product Attributes

Color: Blue

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