Irked Tooth Pincushion

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Irked Tooth Pincushion


This guy is just not very happy. Not only does he have a cavity, but someone pinned a 1 inch (2.54cm) "I ♥ Sugar" button on him. Those felt people can be such jerks!

Our dear Tooth measures about 1.5" tall, and is made out of craft felt. He and his family members are all hand-stitched by me.
You could sew a pin on the back, to make your felty wearable, or glue a magnet on so he can hang out on the fridge!

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

When my daughter was a baby, I didn't get much sleep. I would come up with super corny (yet hilarious to me) ideas while pacing our small apartment. My Irked Pincushions (Get it? I told you it was corny!) were the result of one of these nights.

Materials Used

felt, mylar, button, metal, paper, thread

Product Attributes

Color: Green

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feebee42 on Nov 16, 2021
5 stars

Perfect little dresses - the Middie size dress is the cutest thing ever! Love the witchy pockets on the Neo size too. Fabulous, thank you!
feebee42 on Sep 27, 2021
5 stars

Fab dress, as always! The leggings are just great too. Love them both, thank you!
valentinewestphal on Jul 28, 2021
5 stars

I adore all my Button Arcade Blythe dresses! They are darling, creative and well made. Thank you Kyle Ruth!!
feebee42 on Aug 2, 2021
5 stars

Most excellent, thank you!
valentinewestphal on Jul 4, 2021
5 stars


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