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Tibetan silver good luck fish bracelet 1300543

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National Wind red string bracelet
Material: red string, Miao silver
Size: Bracelet red string long 17.5CM around the regulation
Red string
tibet and Miao silver
Miao Silver is the the traditional Hmong process silver silver content of 10-30%, and the other components of a copper-nickel alloy and alloy materials, Miao silver is not sterling silver. On top of black wax, hand-made old craft, black makes sense lines and retro feel, if you do not like, can be paper or a soft brush to remove

1, a symbol of love: a pair of lovers will be wearing the same men left his girlfriend, as a keepsake, like! Called "lovelace" Chain of Love, representatives together forever mean, if a guy in a girl's left ankle tied a red string representing life never betray!
2, evil spirits: the natal years in order to ward off evil spirits would like to wear a red rope! The red string representatives give yourself a well-intentioned head, what are safe, smooth omen of bad luck away. General will wear red underwear, red belt like. Girls single red string tied to the left foot, can ward off evil, if the right foot, then look forward to the meaning of true love appear, which means she might be waiting for her forever person, old people said left foot tie red string through the night is not the case of spirits.
3, the symbol of fashion: today the star to pop like wearing the red string, such as Faye Wong, Zhao Wei, Yao.
Folk saying: red to ward off evil, red auspicious, this concept existed as early as in primitive society, red is the color of the sun, the color of fire. With the changing times, the Shang Hongsi want but no change in the New Year paste red couplets, Han's old-fashioned wedding bridal red wedding dress, red bonnet, red candles, Shinco red list, etc., wherever and whenever people should use red festive. Han red as festive, successful, gallant and a symbol of justice, especially red with Exorcism Body.
In recent years, the red string of popular, not only because wearing the red string exorcism will bring good luck, or a trend, a fashion! So not Benming friends bring red string, same will Jixiangruyi, good-looking and good luck Oh!

Materials Used

red string,Miao silver

Product Attributes

Color: Silver

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