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Korean Hot Pepper (GO-CHU ) Great for,Go-Chu-Jang-Korean Chili Paste- 25 Seeds

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Korean Hot Pepper (GO-CHU ) Great for,Go-Chu-Jang-Korean Chili Paste- 25 Seeds


Gochu, Korean Hot Pepper- 25 Heirloom Seeds
Gochu, meaning pepper in Korean, is one of the most popular fresh hot peppers found in Korean markets or at home gardens. Fresh green peppers, 5-6 inches in length and half an inch in diameter with medium thick skin are mildly hot and well flavored, enjoyed by spicy food lovers worldwide. If enjoyed solely by itself, gochujang, dwenjang and and/or ssamjang can be used as its dipping sauce. Depending on the meal, sliced pieces of gochu can also be included in ssam to wrap cooked meat along with other side dishes.

Gochu - Korean Hot Pepper - ??

Tired of making kimchi too spicy by accidentally putting in one too many Thai peppers? This pepper is here to save the day and make the best authentic kimchi. Not as hot as a Thai or Cayenne, which means you can make your kimchi very red (tons of chili) without killing the people who eat it. Still fairly hot so be careful. The real greatness of this pepper is in its earliness to turn red in cool conditions and its enormous yields. Dries easily and is great for ristras.

Korean Chili Pepper Paste

All Pepper Varieties Are Heirloom And/Or OP(Open Pollinated.) And Organically Grown
Peppers Often Like To Take Their Sweet Time Germinating. They Can Be Up In A Week, And Some Will Take Almost A Month. Even With Paper Towel Germination Testing, They Can Take Long. I'm Not Sure Why, But It Is A Normal Occurrence. So Plan Ahead And Make Sure You Start Them Early Enough! Also Remember They Like Heat To Germinate So Make Sure You Have A Heating Mat Or Something To Keep The Soil Warm. Placing Them Up On Top Of The Fridge Often Works Too Since It Is Normally Warmer Up There.

Peppers Do Very Well Grown In Pots.

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Starting From Seeds

Spread newspaper over your work surface.

Fill the peat pots with starting medium or potting soil to about an inch from the tops of the pots. Set the pots on a tray.

Moisten the soil and the pots with water. Allow time for the water to drain through and then pour out the water that collects in the tray.

Place four seeds in the center of each pot and cover with a thin layer of soil.

Put the tray of peat pots into a plastic bag and seal it. Place the bag of pots in a warm location out of direct sunlight. The optimum temperature for germination is 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check the pots daily. When the seedlings emerge, remove the bag.

Place the seedlings in a sunny, south-facing window. Use fluorescent lighting if you don't have enough window space. Place the seedlings as close as possible to the fluorescent tube.

Clip out the weakest or smallest seedlings when they are about 3 inches tall, leaving only one seedling per pot.

Water once a week or as often as necessary to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Always pour off any water that collects in the tray. Water with half-strength liquid fertilizer every other week.

Harden off the transplants by setting them outdoors in a shady location for only a couple of hours at first, gradually lengthening the time outdoors and amount of sunlight over a period of seven to 10 days.

Dig a hole, using a trowel, large enough to accommodate the peat pot. The soil level in the peat pot should be level with the surrounding soil.

Tear off the upper part of the peat pot away so that it doesn't extend above the soil level. This prevents the peat pot from wicking water away from the roots of the plant. Set the pot in the hole.

Fill in around the peat pot with soil and firm gently with your hands.

Plant the next and each additional plant 12 inches from the previous plant. Water thoroughly once all seedlings are transplanted.

Peppers first come in green. Cayenne peppers are not fully ripe until they are a deep red color. They can still be enjoyed when green, but they will not have reached their full capacity of spiciness. If you prefer a more mild pepper, harvesting early is good for you.

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