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Yellow Oleander Tree Seed ,Thevetia Peruviana, Lucky Nut - Rare Tropical Plant

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Yellow Oleander Tree Seed ,Thevetia Peruviana, Lucky Nut - Rare Tropical Plant


An easily grown tree with 2" fragrant yellow flowers and numerous thin leaves similar to oleander. Although native to tropical regions it may easily be grow indoors with bright light. Its a 30' tree that can be pruned to very small sizes - Frequently seen as 6' ornamentals. When the large triangle shaped seeds germinate they frequently produce 2-3 stems. Rapid grower. Seeds are poisonous if eaten. A packet consists of 5 one inch large seeds that are a bit heavy.

Tree from tropical America with shiny dark green leaves, white sap, and yellow, funnel shaped flowers. Fruit somewhat angular, smooth, with two large, oily seeds. All parts poisonous

but can be medicinal for toothache, skin sores, and as a purgative, if used judiciously. The nuts growing on the tree planed in your yard supposedly bring good luck.

Thevetia is a plant known to central and southern Mexico and Central America. It is a close relative of Nerium oleander, giving it one common name as Yellow Oleander, and is also called lucky nut in the West Indies.Thevetia

peruviana is an evergreen tropical shrub or small tree. Its leaves are willow-like, linear-lanceolate, and glossy green in colour. They are covered in waxy coating to reduce water loss (typical of oleanders). Its stem is green

turning silver/gray as it ages. Flowers bloom from summer to fall. The long funnel-shaped sometimes-fragrant yellow.

The seeds are very popular in Peru and Mexico, where they are used to make musical instruments, like shakers, or ankle bracelets worn by dancers. The fruit has been known to be prepared into a drink and used in rituals to protect from bad spirits. The bark of the tree is used in controlling fevers in some Asian countries. Medicine for toothaches and skin sores is derived from the seeds and insect repellant from the leaves.

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