Native American OOAK Handmade "Campo Frio Turquoise" Necklace.

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Native American OOAK Handmade "Campo Frio Turquoise" Necklace.


I call this piece....Turquoise Bliss
This stunning OOAK handmade necklace was fashioned after an Old Pawn necklace that belonged to my grandmother. The necklace became mine after she passed. The Beauty of it made me design one that favored it, but by making it with S.S. wire, instead of S.S. cast.
This Beauty is made with "Campo Frio Turquoise" from Sonora, Mexico
This lovely piece is made with a "Campo Frio Turquoise" 2" x 1-1/2 " free form pendant bead, wrapped in 20ga. Sterling Silver filled artistic wire with red Teardrop Bamboo Coral beads, 3mm S.S. fluted beads, 5mm S.S. fluted beads, and 10x8mm oval Campo Frio Turquoise beads hung on a Sterling Silver rope chain.
I love how the Earthy tones of brown matrix flows throughout the free form turquoise pendant and beads
This is an elegant piece at a great value!
Necklace.... 22"lg.
Chain.... 18" lg.
Pendant...... 2-1/2" lg, with dangles, 4" Lg.
Campo Frio Turquoise
Mine: The Campo Frio mine is located in Sonora, Mexico
Color: Green to shades of bright sky blue
Matrix: Gold-colored matrix
Rarity: Relatively abundant
Campo Frio mine is located in the Cananea area of northern Sonora, Mexico. It is an olive green to sky blue color with a light brown to gold matrix.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

My grandmother left me a necklace that is now called OLD PAWN/DEAD PAWN jewelry. I love the beauty of this necklace so much, I decided to try my hand at making a piece fashioned after it, but with wire wrapping it instead having S.S. castings made.
It turned out Beautiful.
Some History on... Turquoise
There are five "kinds" of turquoise as described by law
1.... Natural turquoise - turquoise that is so hard and beautiful that it is simply mined, cut, polished and set into a piece of jewelry or carved into a fetish or sculpture. Less than 3% of all the turquoise on the market worldwide is natural.
2.... Stabilized turquoise - soft or "chalk" turquoise has been infused with a clear epoxy resin. The resin, under pressure, absorbs into the rock, which permanently hardens the rock and deepens the color. Unlike the collectible natural turquoise which deepens in color over time by gradually absorbing oils from the skin as it is worn, the colors in stabilized turquoise are permanent. Most of the turquoise on the market is stabilized and should not cost as much as natural. Stabilized turquoise can be very beautiful, and is a good buy.
3.... Treated turquoise - soft or "chalk" turquoise that is stabilized as described above, except that the epoxy resin is also dyed. Colors in treated turquoise have a tendency to look artificial. Prices should be much less than natural or stabilized.
4.... Reconstituted turquoise - turquoise "chalk" that is very low grade and has been ground into powder, saturated with epoxy resin, dyed, and compressed into blocks or cakes to be cut into shapes for jewelry making. Prices should be most inexpensive.
5.... Imitation turquoise - there is no turquoise in this category. Either there are stones like howlite (white stone, very porous) dyed to look like turquoise or there is pure plastic (epoxy resin) that has been dyed to look like turquoise. It is a shame that these materials are set in silver and priced as if they had intrinsic value.

Unfortunately, treated, reconstituted and imitation turquoise can be made to look remarkably like collectible stones. Trust is the bottom line.

Materials Used

"Campo Frio Turquoise", 20ga. Sterling Silver filled artistic wire, red Teardrop Bamboo Coral beads, 3mm S.S. fluted beads, 5mm S.S. fluted beads, and 10x8mm oval Campo Frio Turquoise beads hung on a Sterling Silver rope chain.

More Info

Turquoise generally forms in arid climates and therefore large deposits have been found in the southwest United States, China, Iran, Chile and Mexico. Each turquoise mine is marketed by its name, such as Cerrillos, Bisbee, Sleeping Beauty, Kingman, Morenci, Number 8, Royston, Pilot Mountain and Blue Gem. These are all American mines.
Northwest of Shanghai is the Ma'ashan turquoise mine, and the Hubei Province, produces turquoise colors reminiscent of the much-prized blues and greens of the now closed mines in Nevada. Most of the remaining 20% is American, coming from the Sleeping Beauty and Kingman mines. The other American mines are producing very little or no turquoise. Stones from these highly collectible but depleted mines come onto the market from collections from time to time.

Coral History
What corals are considered "Precious"?
Red corals (Coralliums) are the most valuable of all the corals. The most desirable red corals are from the Mediterranean and Japan. There are several varieties. Red corals have been heavily exploited.
Pink corals are a member of the red corals. Angel skin coral is a pink coral.
Gold corals grow in only a few places. There are some in Hawaii and Alaska.
Black (Anthiparian) corals are found in waters around the world. Some varieties of precious black corals grow in shallower waters and can be harvested by scuba divers. Black corals have been heavily exploited. Many countries have banned the export of these corals. There are many varieties of black coral and not all are precious.
Bamboo corals are a bit of a mystery. Not much is known about them. The skeletons of these corals are more porous than other precious corals. They must be filled to obtain a luster. Much of the "red" coral on the market is actually dyed and filled bamboo coral. Bamboo coral has proven to be of value in the field of orthopedics.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Turquoise

Size: Medium

Pattern: Native american

Color: Blue

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SleekStyles on Sep 13, 2011
5 stars

Wow what a wonderful bolo tie!! I absolutely adore it. Every single detail is simply perfect. I am a happy repeat customer, and look forward to more of your awesome creations. Thank you so much!!

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