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Mini Handmade Black Powder Salute Cannon

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Please read ENTIRE description before purchasing.

This is a handmade miniature black powder cannon. It is not a scale model of any particular cannon, but its design was inspired by the cannons used during the Civil War in the late 1800's. It measures 5 inches in overall length with a 2 1/2 inch barrel.
It features a stained wooden frame that is hand crafted from poplar, 2 1/2 inch plastic spoke wheels, and the body of the barrel is constructed from a brass ".303 British" caliber rifle casing with your choice of either a double layered stainless steel barrel, or a triple layered barrel made with a brass outer and middle layer, and a stainless steel inner layer. The barrel is secured to the wooden frame with a brass strap soldered to the barrel and attached to the wooden frame with screws.
It comes with the barrel painted semi-flat black but you can get it unpainted if you choose the 3-layered barrel that has the brass outer layer. The cannon that is now for sale has the 2-layered stainless steel barrel but I can build another cannon with the 3-layer barrel if that is what you want.

This little cannon would make an excellent display piece in your home or office, and because of it's relatively small size, it doesn't take up very much space at all. It also comes with a "powder measuring scoop" made of brass tubing and piano wire, a brass "powder funnel" which is fabricated from a brass "6.5x55 Swedish Mauser" rifle casing, and a "ram-rod" fabricated from a wooden dowel rod and piano wire.

Best of all, this little guy can actually be loaded with FFG black powder and be fired as a "salute" cannon if you so desire.
There is a slight "recoil" when it is fired as a "salute" cannon, so there is a lead weight attached to the bottom of the wooden frame. The included powder scoop is made to scoop up the exact amount of powder needed to fire the cannon. The funnel serves to pour the powder into the barrel, and the ram-rod is used to pack in a balled up 3/4 inch square piece of paper napkin. THIS CANNON IS NOT INTENDED TO FIRE PROJECTILES OF ANY KIND AND DOING SO COULD BE VERY DANGEROUS AND NOT A VERY WISE THING TO DO.
This little guy is quite content just looking handsome on your desk or shelf or sounding off an occasional "salute" that sounds like "FOOM!"and is about as loud as someone slamming shut a hard-back book or someone popping a small paper bag. To fire it as a salute cannon you would need to acquire ffg type black powder gunpowder (NOT INCLUDED) and 1/8 inch green "safety fuse" (NOT INCLUDED). I have made two of these for myself and have fired them countless times and they have performed flawlessly. It is LOTS of fun! AGAIN, do NOT attempt to fire ANY kind of projectile from this cannon, as the barrel simply isn't designed to withstand the higher pressures associated with firing projectiles. All cannons are "salute" test fired several times after being built. You can also order it as a non-firing model with a "plugged" barrel. Instructions for "salute" firing are included and there will be an instructional video on You-tube very soon.

PLEASE NOTE: Although I have tested these cannons extensively before offering them for sale to the general public, and I am confident in its design that it is strong and sturdy, and can deliver many firings. However, this cannon, just like any device
that uses a flammable substance to operate, has great potential to be very dangerous. If you do choose to use this cannon as a salute cannon, the user does so at their own risk and assumes ALL liability. I am not responsible for any damages to the cannon, injury to persons, or damage to property as a result of the use or misuse of this cannon. It is only intended for occasional salute firing, therefore, repeated and extensive firing of this cannon could possibly cause the barrel to weaken over time and eventually cause it to leak, crack, or rupture. Inspect the cannon barrel carefully after each firing, checking for any signs of gasses leaking from anywhere on the barrel. if at any time you do see signs of leakage (cracks, soot, etc.) any further firings would be dangerous and you should consider the cannon retired and for display only. This cannon is for Black Powder ONLY! DO NOT
attempt to use modern smokeless gunpowder in this canon. The results could be catastrophic.

This cannon would make an excellent gift for any "muzzle-loader", Civil War enthusiast, or anybody that likes old cannons.
I will continue to make them as long as somebody wants one.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

There is a small amount of smoke generated when firing black powder, so do all "salutes" outdoors.

Materials Used

brass, wood, plastic, stainless steel,

Product Attributes

Color: Black


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