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Wall clock in patinaed brass: square-in-square verdigris-based pattern

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Wall clock in patinaed brass: square-in-square verdigris-based pattern


A wall clock for those who want a delicate, understated, elegant natural earth-toned accent piece for home or office. Works well in many spaces, so it makes an excellent gift.

Our wall clocks are 6 inches square, and can be hung either diagonally (as shown) or square. The face is made of brass, which is hammered into a gentle dome shape and patinaed by hand. Our patinas are traditional sculptural patinas applied while heating the metal, and the colors come from layering the patinas one over another. No two will ever be alike, but the patterns shown can all be approximated, and other combinations of these patinas are possible, too. Choose your color combination from those shown, or ask us about other possibilities. Furthermore, we can make the clocks in solid colors - either these patinas or certain others in our repertoire.

The clock is appropriate for any room of the house, and the different patterns and colors mean you can tie together different rooms of the house without having identical pieces in every space.

The clock mechanism is a small quartz movement made in the US, powered by a single AA battery (not included). It is a quiet mechanism, but will be noticeable in a very quiet room. Clocks come with a second hand, but upon request we can remove it, or include the hardware for you to remove it if you choose.

Usually clocks will be sent within four business days of order. Usually we do not keep many in stock, and the color combination you ask for will probably be the one we don't have on hand, so we'll make it for you specially!

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

We have long used our patinas one at a time on our vases, candlesticks, jewelry, and wall art, but usually avoided putting more than one patina color on an individual piece. A few years ago we started making small square modular wall hangings which could be hung in groups, using our patinas on brass. To make the individual pieces more interesting, I took advantage of the way we make many of our colors - through layering one patina over another - and by exposing the under-layers in a square-in-square pattern, I found we could both show the process and spice up the design by including multiple patinas on a single piece. When we started making clocks, this was a natural use of the pattern, because - at least when hung diagonally - the concentric squares help the eye find the 3, 6, 9, and 12 points of the clock for easier reading, as well as making the clock into a small piece of art on its own - suggesting Josef Albers' color experiments - rather than a spot of a single color.

Materials Used

brass, traditional sculptural patinas, US-made quartz movement, aluminum hands

More Info

Interested in another color? Take a look at our other patinas on our website, Most of the colors you find on pieces there can be made into solid-color clocks, for the same price. Always keep in mind that the patinas arise from chemical reactions with the metal. As such, they are not entirely controllable.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Patinaed brass, quartz movement

Size: 6 inches square (along the sides)

Pattern: Square-in-square blue-greens

Color: Green

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