Marian plum fruit tree /plum mango /Maprang live plant "1 plant/pack"


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Marian plum fruit tree /plum mango /Maprang live plant "1 plant/pack"


Marian plum fruit tree "Bouae burmanica Griff"
+ Photo Certificate 1 tree / pack

100% alive to you hand. Fresh and Viable direct from farm! High quality!!
This one is a "Small plant " It's easy to import to your country.
The plant grow from seeding so, it's very strong.

The Mangosteen grafted plant is about 2-3 years. It's 60- 80 cm tall. Shipping by cutting some of leave, stalk and still have the root and wrap the root with coconut Spathe that a little bit water. The root clean and ready to plant.

Let's enjoy growing fruit plant.

It’s fun and very interesting to grow

How to ship your order…

First, Cutting some of leaves stalk and still have the root and wrap the root with coconut Spathe that a little bit water.

And then, I have to request Phyto-Certificate Document from Department of Agriculture.

When i got document please you sure that the plant very clear don’t have anything wrong.

Material in used are authorized entry permit. it don't have Insect pests and plant diseases in fruits plants.

Finally, Prepare ship to you put document on the box. Shipping Company by Express Mail via Thailand Post. It will take 4-8 business days or depend on your destination.

Explain about policy and condition.

The most important information. Your box may be send to your Customs. if it was destroy or you get the empty box. Please you take a risk. I don’t have policy return or refund.

Even though " guarantee you'll get the item you ordered or your money back.”

May I let’s you know. my items are plants : there living things at the result maybe your Customs keep it.
90% after it send to Customs you will get the plants.
In Conclusion, I have NO REFUND/ NO RETURN. IF you have a problem when you received the plant would you contact me within 12 hours. Please you take several risk.

I would like to thank you in advance your understanding.

Not ship to Europe because it' s very difficult to export. your Customs always keep it.


Feedback :

We depend on our customer satisfaction to succeed. If you have any problem please contact me first.
Please do leave us positive feedback.
Please contact us before leaving any negative or neutral feedback. We will solve any problems for you.

Shipping :

We ship seeds by airmail and it will take only 7-15 days depend on destination.
Some Country will need to attached with Phyto Sanitary Certificate which we provide free of charge.
We have experience to ship seeds world wide, for example USA, Japan, Australia, Canada and etc.
Growing instruction will attached with the parcel.

Product Attributes

Size: 60-80 cm.

Color: Black

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All Other Countries
First Item: $70.00
Additional Items: $20.00


We depend on our customer satisfaction to succeed. If you have any problem please contact me first.


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