Bronze Wire Wrapped Green Recycled Bottle Glass Sun Catcher

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Bronze Wire Wrapped Green Recycled Bottle Glass Sun Catcher


This unique sun catcher is made out of a piece of green recycled bottle glass. Bronze wire was used to attach a bail and a piece of translucent natural stone. The approximate size of this green and white sun catcher is 3x3.5 inches.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I love to put different materials together to see if they work.

Materials Used

recycled bottle glass, solid bronze wire, natural stone

More Info

All of the glass items in Grandview Studio were made of glass that was cut, broken, layered, melted and ground by me. The wire used in the wire wrapping is solid.

Handcrafted items made out of glass are sturdy since the glass has been annealed properly but are sold with the reminder that glass can break if bumped or dropped. Please be respectful of it. If the glass in a pendant or sun catcher gets dirty, you can wipe it clean with a slightly damp piece of cloth. All my items are designed for adults and not children. Please be careful that my products are safely kept out the reach of children or pets.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Recycled glass, steel wire, natural stone

Size: Medium

Pattern: Round

Color: Green

Accepted Payments
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United States
First Item: $5.25
Additional Items: $3.00


Payment Policies: For security reasons and speed, I prefer credit card or Paypal, but I will accept cash, personal checks or money orders. Realize that with a credit card or Paypal, items will ship within 1-3 business days. When paying by cash, the transaction is hindered by the time it takes for the order to get here. If paying by check, items will be shipped after the check or money order clears. I can't hold an item until a check comes. Please communicate so we can have a really good experience. FYI credit card or Paypal takes a healthy percentage out of the price I charge.

Shipping Policies: Your purchase will be packaged with care and I will ship your item(s) 1st class mail through the post office. I use the little box provided by the post office with bubble wrap and with a confirmation that you received the item. This method is pricy - I think it went up to $5.35: even though my products are durable and properly annealed, they are mostly made out of glass which is considered fragile. If I am sending jewelry, I also put it into a little green paper box for added protection. If you wish to ship priority mail, you will pay the difference and we can finalize this with e-mail. Shipping discounts happen when you purchase multiple items going to the same address.

Returns: I try to be very accurate with pictures and details so I frown upon accepting returns. But, since I am personally attached to all of our products, I will refund the cost of the item if it arrives back to me within 30days of the postal date that I sent it. I won't refund your cost of getting it to me, though. None of these extra costs are built into the cost of the item. If the item came with a gift, the gift should be returned also or it is available for $5. If you have any questions please communicate with me, I don't want either of us to have any unpleasant surprises.

Exchanges: Exchanges must be made within 30 days of the purchase date. Please communicate. Nothing will be exchanged until we receive the item back in the same condition it was sent. These items were created with a lot of attention, love, and personal pride. I personally check and package everything with care and I expect it back in the same care as it was sent. If the new item has a higher price, you will have to pay the difference.

Custom work: I haven't done this yet so it would be something that would have to be worked out. I wouldn't mind doing custom work if it were in Denver or up here in the mountains where I could personally meet you.

Breakage: If you have something that I made and it breaks on its own, within the first 3 months, please send it back with all of the parts (glass, wire) and I will repair it if it is repairable. I need all of the pieces to see where the problem is so I can make modifications for the future. I don't repair it for free if it has obviously been abused. Make sure you give me a telephone number, email address, and mailing address so that I can communicate with you and discuss if and how it can be fixed. Even though I can't really afford this there is no charge if I determine it to be my fault.

If it can't be fixed, I can try to simulate it or let you have an exchange. If there is a price difference you pay the difference. If it is after 3 months, and I can't fix it, I can offer a 15% discount off another item of your choice-you pay for shipping. We would work this out. Let me know it is coming and what is wrong with it.

Properties of glass: Please be advised- treat glass with care because glass does break and if there is wire, the wire can get brittle. Glass also can scratch and the metal, depending on what it is can tarnish. If the item breaks, be careful that you don't cut yourself. This jewelry isn't made for people under 18 that don't realize the properties of glass and metal. Also, don't use the jewelry inappropriately like putting it in your mouth. I can warranty for my work but I can't warranty for the materials, but on the other hand, I can assure you that the glass and metal I use are quality materials.

On the other hand, please note: I drop these pendants all the time because my hands find them hard to hold onto (I am getting old) and so far none have broken. Also note: all of the broken parts that you send will become mine and I can do what I will with them. They will probably become something else-little waste.

Stained glass items are for looking at- some of the chemicals I use aren't good for you. I do give my products a good scrub after they are finished.

Alternate pick up or purchase: If you want to pick your item(s) up or purchase your item offline, and not bother with the PO, I might be able to meet you in Grand County, CO or sometimes in Denver, CO at a date, time and place that we work out if you cover fuel costs. We would have to work it out ahead of time and note- I might not do it if I am too busy or if I don't know you.


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