Ready Made 5.25" Granadillo Custom Performer Kazoo #212

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Ready Made 5.25" Granadillo Custom Performer Kazoo #212


This is a beautiful ready made kazoo available for immediate shipping. It is a 5 1/4" custom performer kazoo with a granadillo body and black cherry resonator cap and bees wax finish.. This is beautiful kazoo with lots of wow factor. This is a powerful professional quality kazoo with great control throughout a superb dynamic range. This kazoo is more than capable of maintaining it's own sound space accompanying other instruments and vocals. Being handmade each kazoo takes on it's own unique character and appearance. My kazoos are made with a removable resonator cap and brass screws for easy replacement of the resonator membrane.

Materials Used

Black walnut and black cherry woods with brass screws/

More Info

Welcome to the Great Aswego Kazoo Factory ArtFire Shop where I offer a wide selection of the Doc Kazoo style of traditional and non traditional wooden folk kazoos. I offer both "made to order" and "ready made" kazoos. I try to keep a selection of "ready made" kazoos available for immediate shipping, however most orders are for "made to order" kazoos. Stock photographs are used for "Made To Order" kazoo listings. Being handmade each kazoo is unique. No two kazoos are ever exactly identical, no patterns are used. I siimply use the photographs in the kazoo listing as my model for the next kazoo of that design. From time to time I replace listing photographs with the photographs of the most recent kazoo made of that model. Each of my kazoos are a one of a kind primitive style folk instrument.

I am an independent folk artist with a passion for kazoo making and design. Although my focus is kazoo making from time to time I make a variety of other folk instruments. Collaboration instrument builds are welcome. If you have a design idea for your kazoo, let me know. I may be able to make it for you. You are under no obligation to buy anything. I make it and prepare a demonstration video. If you like it and want it you have first option to make the purchase. If not that is just fine. I will list the it as a "made to order" kazoo here in the ArtFire Shop. Many of my most popular kazoos started out as a collaboration.

In the case of multiple special order kazoos please email me for accurate handling time required to make your kazoo and have it ready for shipping. Single order kazoos are shipped no later than one week after placing your order. I always ship on time, never ship late and most of the time ship early.


Each Aswego Kazoo is accompanied by a package of spare resonator membranes and a Lifetime Free Repair and Maintenance Warranty. Full information is available at:

Please be sure to read my Artfire Studio Policy for complete information about the Great Aswego Kazoo Factory and shipping guidelines. Just click the "Policies" tab at the top of this page. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT ALL INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS READ THE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING/REFUND GUIDELINES

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Wood and Brass Screws

Size: 5.25"

Pattern: Natural

Color: Black

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You are invited to visit the Aswego Kazoo Factory website and have a look around. Stop by the Factory YouTube and view some videos of my work. Here are a few links that will help introduce you to the Great Aswego Kazoo Factory before you buy.

Aswego Website:

The workshop is open and making kazoos Monday - Friday. I ship orders Monday-Saturday each week. I reply to emails and ArtFire questions daily, seven days a week.


When you purchase an Aswego Kazoo not only are you getting a quality, unique handmade traditional primitive folk instrument. You are also getting free lifetime service and repair for your Aswego Kazoo should you ever have a problem. This does not include repair of surface wear to the kazoo finish. Please contact me for cost of refinishing your kazoo.

Eventually your kazoo membrane will need replacing. How soon depends on how much you play your kazoo. Aswego Kazoos are designed to make replacement of the membrane an easy task most kazooist. However, if you don't care to tackle this project yourself just ship the kazoo back to me and I will replace the membrane for you. Did you attempt to replace the membrane yourself and accidently strip out a screw hole or overtighten a screw and crack a resonator cap? Don't fear, just ship the kazoo back to me and I will repair stripped screw holes or make a replacement resonator cap, FREE for as long as you own your kazoo. As long as the kazoo is not damaged from abuse it will never cost you to have repairs made. All shipping cost are at your expense as indicated below.

All you have to do is contact me via email and let me know about the problem. I will send you a return service authorization number and cost for me to ship your kazoo back to you. Then pack the kazoo and ship it to me.

Shipping cost can be made via PayPal or included with your returned kazoo as US Postal money order.


All of my kazoos and other folk instruments are accompanied by a money back guarantee (minus all shipping cost). If within three days of receiving your instrument, as determined by your USPS OR UPS Delivery Confirmation time/date stamp, you are not satisfied simply send me an email telling me you are returning it immediately. Once I receive the returned instrument in the same condition as shipped I will send the refund within 14 days after receipt of the kazoo. After three days all sales are final.



If you are registered at ArtFire you can simply use the shopping cart to make your purchase. You will find frequent discounts available for use with the shopping cart. ArtFire is a great place to shop so why not join today?

All International Payments must be made via PayPal.

You can also make your purchase by emailing your order. Just send me a link to the instrument you want to purchase and I will send you a PayPal invoice to make payment.

Email Order to:

I also accept US Postal Service Money Orders. Contact me for details.



Unless otherwise specified there is one working day handling time for Ready Made Kazoo shipments to all US Destinations via USPS First Class Parcel shipping with Delivery Confirmation Number. Domestic shipments are made Monday-Saturday except for postal holidays.

Special Order Kazoos may require 7-10 days handling time for shipment as these kazoos are made to order. I always shop on time, never ship late and most of the time ship early.



Unless other arrangements are made all international shipments are made via U.S. Postal Service International First Class Mail. All international kazoo shipments are hand delivered to my local post office where I receive an official USPS document evidencing that your package has been accepted and has been shipped. You will be provided full shipping information including US Customs Form Identification Number.

As tracking of international shipments is not available by the US Postal Service once it departs the United States I can not responsible for non-delivery of kazoos shipped outside the United States. The international buyer takes full responsibility for any lost package and no refund will be made in such cases.

In the case of a lost package I will be happy upon your request so mail you copies of all shipping documents to use tracking the package through the postal system of the destination country.

Placing an international order constitutes your understanding an acceptance of these conditions.


Patron170616 on Oct 16, 2013
5 stars

Patron170616 on Oct 16, 2013
5 stars

Patron170616 on Oct 16, 2013
5 stars

Patron170616 on Oct 16, 2013
5 stars

Patron170616 on Oct 16, 2013
5 stars

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