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MAKE PVC PIPE BIRDS Folk Yard Art Flamingos & BIRDS
ORIGINAL - HOW TO MAKE PVC BIRDS HAND CRAFTED and ONE-OF-A-KIND ALL NEW - BEGINNERS 'GUIDE!' with TONS of Instructional Photos on How to Make PVC Birds - Knowledge and PATTERNS !
PVC Birds are Fun and Easy to Make. These Charming Litttle Birds are NEW and DIFFERENT.. they Sell Themselves at Markets and Craft Shows Online.
GREAT RENEWABLE RESOURCE REUSE TREND! Cheap or no cost supply Used pvc pipe and pieces of new pvc pipe are readily discarded at remodeling/construction sites. paint and eyes are a few pennies per bird. The small birds sell for $6-16, while the larger birds sell upwards of $26-52! You can make Flamingos, Herons, Egrets, Pelicans, etc.. for fun and profit $$ You will learn the simple basics of making patterns and working with pvc pipe, you too will enjoy and love PVC Birds ! They make great gifts too !

**** KIT INCLUDES: ******

TONS of Colored Photos Detailing Step by Step Instructions.
Over 20 Pages of info e-book
Getting Organized 101
Tools and Materials you will need.
Where to Purchase your Supplies.
How to Assemble your Patterns SECRET.
How to Make a PVC Bird
..........Placing Reference Marks on Pvc Pipe
..........Tracing your patterns onto pipe
..........Cutting pvc pipe
..........Heating pvc pipe
..........Bending pvc pipe
..........Cooling pvc pipe
..........Painting pvc pipe
..........Adding Finishing Stands
How to MAKE a Pattern How to COPY a Pattern from an Existing Bird PATTERNS ...Included are patterns for (5) different bird heads, and patterns for (5) different bird bodies. By inter-changing the heads and bodies, one can make 24+ different birds. By adjusting the neck-leg configurations and painting the birds various colors, you will have hundreds (100's) of birds to sell !
How to Make 11+ Birds out 10 feet of pipe !
How to use junk pipe - Make the bird fit the pipe !
**This is a digital Media CD ROM SENT USA MAIL!**

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I have been hand crafting PVC Birds for years! no two birds are alike. These birds delight both young and old. I have been sculpting PVC birds since 1989
For local craft sites on the web and a few far sellers for years. I made this book How To due to the art of it. Thanks

Product Attributes

Color: Green

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