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Full Disclosure: This account was crated by and is managed by the Staff. The items listed in this account are prints of photographs that have been taken by various ArtFire Staff Members.

In order to fully showcase the potential of an ArtFire Pro account the items listed are available for purchase (in accordance with our own Terms of Use) and may show up in limited instances during site browsing or searches.

While these items are technically for sale we are in no way attempting to use this account to generate any revenue or to compete with our members who may sell similar products. If on the off chance that this account does sell an item, any and all proceeds above the cost of the printing and shipping of the item will go directly into the ArtFire "Hot Coffee and Fresh Bagel Fund" to be used to sustain the ArtFire team with the much needed caffeine and carbohydrate sustenance that keeps us running.

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ArtFireDylan on Aug 5, 2016
5 stars

This is a 5 star test. Good Job.
ArtFireSMO on Dec 13, 2011
5 stars

hey that looks great, thanks!
ArtFireSMO on Sep 26, 2011
5 stars

ArtFireSEO on Nov 23, 2011
5 stars

yeay (;lasdj) a;ldfj
ArtFireSMO on Sep 26, 2011
5 stars


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