Natural green jadeite jade Dragon and Phoenix charm jade Pendant


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Natural green jadeite jade Dragon and Phoenix charm jade Pendant


Jade is thought to be able to help a person just by being in contact with it. The feel of cool jade is said to elevate and purify thoughts, to quiet the mind, and to induce a state of contemplation. It is also believed that frequent handling of jade will cause the stone to grow even more beautiful in sheen. According to one Chinese proverb, "Jade is cool because it comes from the essence of clear mountain streams." Science says that jade is cool to the touch because it is a non-conductor.
Many Chinese believe that a jade stone eventually becomes a part of the life of its owner. Jade is said to change colors depending on the aura of its possessor. When he or she is down or depressed the jade might be a darker shade. If fortune is good, the stone might be of a lighter tint. It is also believed that when a jade piece cracks or breaks, it has shielded its holder from an evil and

Product Details
- Shape / Type: pendant / charm
- Material / Gem: Jadeite Jade / Fei Cui
- Shipping/Handling for standard int'l shipping (10-18 days delivery)
- Grade / Type: 100 Grade A / Type A / Class A
- Origin: China
- Refractive Index: 1.66 - 1.67
- Specific Gravity: 3.33 - 3.34
- Color & Variety: green Color, Icy Variety
- Size : 45mm×45mm
- Weight ( g / ct ): ~ ~ 48 g / 79 ct
- Luster: Glassy Luster
- Surface Texture: Medium Grain

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Item #2, a jade necklace, chargeable weight is 100grams
Item #3, a jade bangle, chargeable weight is 200grams
The total of chargeable weight is: 100+100+200=400grams

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MStrinado on May 24, 2017
5 stars

Most excellent! Thank-you!
Tzipora396277 on Oct 1, 2016
2 stars

The beads I bought were open carving more rounded beads. Got different beads not as nice and not open carving. The jade is dyed not natural color. At least he sent me a nice sterling necklace with it, maybe because he knew it is not what I paid for.
Patron227988 on Sep 29, 2013
4 stars

Pendants are works of art.

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