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Peace Lily - LIVE Plant for Aquarium, Water Garden or Vase

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Live plants are essential for a healthy aquarium. They help maintain water quality between water changes and add natural beauty to any tank or bowl.

*** Live plants will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. I cannot ship outside the US. Please keep your weather in mind, I cannot be responsible for extreme cold or extreme heat. Most plants are hardy enough to withstand 40*F - 85*F. If your plants do not survive shipping, please contact me and I will be willing to work with you to reach a solution.

Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum

The Betta Vase is a popular trend which should not be bought into. However, the Peace Lilies that are typically part of this setup are still excellent additions to any aquarium. The roots should be remain in the water, while the stems and leaves should be kept above the surface. They are a great addition to any hang over the back filter (just stick the roots in the box part with your regular filter pads).

Peace Lilies prefer low light, so they are perfect for offices, bathrooms and other rooms which have little natural light.

The Peace Lily for sale here has been grown with the roots loose in the water in one of my aquariums, so there is no fear of root rot, plant death or adaption periods with these plants.
These plants are also great for decorative vases (please don't put fish in the tiny bowl!).
Or you could put these in a shaded water garden :-)

Listing is for one plant with at least 6 fully-developed leaves. These are young plants, so you will get the full joy of watching your plant develop and grow :-).

First photos show actual plants for sale. Last photos show an example of how this plant can be used in a decorative vase and how this plant can be used in an aquarium filter.

Product Attributes

Color: Grey

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