Tablet Weaving Shuttle - Hearts in Padauk


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Tablet Weaving Shuttle - Hearts in Padauk


Item: Tablet Weaving Shuttle (one shuttle)
Dimensions: 5" x 1.5"
Pattern: Hearts
Wood: Padauk

Featuring a curved top edge, the Jeri Brock Woodworks tablet weaving shuttle is very comfortable in the hand. The edge is plenty sharp for beating down the weft without being so sharp that fine threads are in danger of being cut.

The cut out pattern is a hallmark of all of my handmade fiber tools, and each item is hand cut using a scroll saw from hand drawn original artwork. Not just for aesthetics, the cutouts also provide a useful function. If you have the dropsies like me due to arthritis, loss of dexterity, or an inherited natural grace (Thanks Mom!), you can run the working thread through one of the cutouts after winding to provide a 'weft lock' so that when you do lose your grip on the shuttle, it doesn't unwind as it falls. When you need more weft, simply unwind the warp from the bottom of the shuttle to let out more.

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Color: Brown

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My spindles are all hand cut. No laser cutting. No CN machines. No duplicating jigs. Though several may use the same pattern, the wood figure and the hand cutting make each spindle unique.

All sales are final. No refunds.

All spindles are guaranteed free from manufacturer defect. If you encounter such a problem, please contact me, and I'll either fix it or replace it.

I ship exclusively using the US Postal Service, first class with USPS tracking. All purchases will be shipped within three business days.

I don't use "stock photos" in my listings. What is pictured is exactly what will be shipped. No substitutions or sleight of hand.

Please do not purchase an item in the shop and then ask for it to be replaced with another of the same type but with a different wood or pattern selection. That which is purchased is what will be shipped.

If you would like to place a custom order, please send me a message indicating the spindle model, pattern, and wood selection. I'll reply back with an estimated delivery timeframe based on my current work queue. Once the spindle is complete, I'll post the item for sale as "Reserved for..." with pictures. If you're happy with what you see, purchase the spindle and I'll send it on its way. If you see an issue, bring it to my attention, and I'll rectify the situation prior to purchase and shipping.


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