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8oz Juicy Leave In Conditioner-Over 1000 sold on Etsy!

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Naturalista Cosmetics Leave-In Conditioner repairs, conditions and leaves hair healthy, vibrant and strong. When used daily, Naturalista Cosmetics Leave-In Conditioner helps bring your hair back to its natural balance. It is a light, easily absorbed formula that is an excellent daily treatment for relaxed, permed, tinted, dyed and chemically treated hair. For best results, use when styling twists and braid outs on damp or dry hair. NOTE: This product is not meant to be combed though hair! Use it as a styling aid for twists and braid outs after hair has been detangled. Why I love it so much---It moisturizes and seals! Shipping time is up to 10 business days. Please see our policies.

"I don't have enough words to explain how much i love this leave in!!! Leaves my hair soft, shiny, and moisturized. I use it as a leave in as well as a moisturizer, I really hope you start making bigger sizes in this because I want to buy this in bulk!!! Great smell and really leaves my hair JUICY!! Don't change a thing :)" Jessica Gilbert

"I la la la love the hair is softer then it's ever been. I carry it around in my purse and share it with all my natural sisters...(I share the name, not MY product). Lol..." Terisa Davis

"Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave In Conditioner smells like cookies & love. Yummy! Shea butter, aloe, castor, jojoba, avocado, hemp, coconut, olive oil & glycerin. I'm in hair heaven!" Afrobella®

"I have had my hair in twists since Tuesday (today is Saturday). My hair is still soft & moist. I did add a little more at the ends since they tend to be dry, but when I say a little, I mean I tapped my finger tip in the jar real fast and that's it! Can't wait to see how it performs next week since Sunday is my clarifying day." Erika Hill
"I used my products last night. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!!!!! The smell is heavenly and I have NEVER had a successful twist out. I tried a few combination of the products (in various areas of my head) and I looove how moisturized my hair feels. *drools* Thank you!!!!!!!" Nikki Reid

"JUICY IS GOLD....NO PLATINUM FOR YOUR HAIR!!! It smells delicious and the scent, moisturization, and softness lasts for DAYS! AWESOME STUFF!!!!" Vickie L. Thurman

"My hair was the same way never holding moisture. By the end of the day my hair was crunchy dry!!! I washed my hair and two strand twist it with JUICY!!! The next day you could feel the difference!!! I can go at least 3 days before I re-apply." Jamie Boss Chic Mays

"I have 3c and my sister has type 4 hair. Not sure which letter but it works wonders for both of us. I love the PHd Spray. I have placed 4 orders for the Juicy Leave In since April because all my natural hair care family keeps taking it, lol." Kiki Moore

"I used the leave-in for the third time and I luv it!! My locs feel so great. Just had to let you know!!" Loren Holland-Gaffin

"The Juicy Leave In is what's up. I have true, kunta kenta 4c type hair and it looooves this stuff! I was skeptical at first because I don't like buying online b/c usually I need whatever it is right away, plus, if I didn't like it there was no way to return it. But it's worth every cent! Your hair stays moisturized and a little goes a looooong way. The scent is to die for, like almond cookies. AND, watch and wait for specials like blackout Thursdays and you will be sure to be thrilled with the price! I don't think my hair will let me go back to what I was using, lol." Nanci A L Prowell Denise

"For moisture & dryness, u need to try the PHd Spray & Aloefax Gel! Omg, your hair will stay moisturized all day & then some." Cookie Smith

"I tried Juicy for the first time this weekend and I love hair is sooo soft and light. My curls are hanging longer and loose usually it curls up into tight curls with moisturizer. Again I LOVE JUICY. Already sending people your way!" Hope Moss

"I must say, the Juicy is amazing. i have 4b-c hair and it keeps my hair moisturized for 5 days straight without any reapplying. amazing! I have yet to come across any product to do that...its awesome!" Veronica Wilson

"Everytime I use it I get nervous because my hair doesn't respond when I first apply it LOL. But as soon as it absorbs it I swear my hair is butter ALLLLLL day and my hair is DRY!! Congrats on all your successes!" Ti Mitch

"FANTASTIC product. I'm in LOVE. THANKS. I can't wait for bigger sizes to become available. I've reordered already because I just can't imagine running out and being without it again. Keep it coming PLEASE! I'd love to have a program for automatic reorder. Please consider for those of us who are hooked!" Truessence

"Hi Padrica, the leave in worked great! I flew in this morning and just ordered two more (one for my mom and one for my best friend). Thanks again for a wonderful product" Chimera Lyle

"I don't have enough words to explain how much i love this leave in!!! Leaves my hair soft, shiny, and moisturized. I use it as a leave in as well as a moisturizer, I really hope you start making bigger sizes in this because I want to buy this in bulk!!! Great smell and really leaves my hair JUICY!! Don't change a thing :)" Jessica Gilbert

"Just wanted to say I LUV your products, I received my order yesterday Shea butter, PHD and my 2nd oreder for the Juicy! I can say all the products I've used have worked as stated, I recently got Ghana Braids (I am Natural,but for some reason the Twist/Braid Out never turn out right and the Afro Puff turns out right sometimes) had some itching and I sprayed with the PHD the itching stopped immediately . Also left me with amazing shine and softness, hope the Juicy will soon be available in larger sizes! Just placed an order for the Black Soap cant wait to try." Capri Brown-Barbee

"I used the Juicy LI and I am in LUV! My hair is soooo soft, after 3 months of braids...I regained moisture in one...1....evening! I am sold! I luv the way it makes my hair feel and how my braid outs and twists turn out. Thank you so much! You have definitely gained a customer and friend for life! " Kimberly Thomas

"Works great on my 4a thirsty kinks. Left my hair soft and untangled." Rhea Walker

"Love it!!!!!!!! Just received my second order today!!!! That juicy is something else!!!!!:0)" Tanja Delaney

"This makes my hair unbelievably SOFT, dare I say heaven in a jar?!?!" Carla

"Peace! I received my juicy hair leave in and first off I have to say that it smells amazing! I haven't seen my curls this defined and bouncy in a long time!"--A'sha Howell

"I love the juicy hair leave in conditioner & the ph balanced daily leave in conditioner they leave my hair soooooooooo soft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"--Jordan Ashburne

"Fell in Love with your Products!.. My hair is still moist..Thanks Padrica♥!!!!" Ebony D. Peebles

"Does the juicy leave in conditioner come in a bigger size???? Love it." Tanja

"Omg! I got the 'Juicy leave in conditioner- I applied it this morning and let it set in 20' min check in and it made my hair feel 'Divine :-) Ty* to all the staff @ NC :-)"--Nikky

" I am so in love with the juicy leave in conditioner." Cookie Smith

"Gotta love that Juicy. My twist out was poppin today:) I'm IN LOVE with Naturalista Cosmetics!!!!" Shanta Warren

"I am absolutely in love with this stuff and would definitely get it again. Its smells delicious..seriously!!! If you have dry hair, you NEED to at least try this leave in conditioner. " MONIQUE CROCKER

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

My inspiration is your hair success! So pleased to see the countless success stories of how the Juicy Leave In Conditioner moisturizes and repairs severely dry hair.

There is nothing like rocking natural hair in confidence knowing that it WILL NOT dry out by the end of the day. I love having hair that people want to touch and admire! I love it when my hair looks the best in the room! I love representing natural hair at it's best! I love being confident in the hair I'm in! I ♥ Naturalista Cosmetics!! It really has changed my natural hair experience for the better.--Padrica

Materials Used

organic shea butter aloe vera oil hemp seed oil jojoba oil coconut oil castor oil avocado oil botanical extracts vitamin b vitamin e vegetable glycerin natural fragrance

More Info

"This juicy hair leave in is the truth! I'm still waiting for an opportunity to purchase it by the bucket full! LOL! I didn't even need an oil to seal in moisture! I love this stuff! Lenora BeautifullyHuman Cheston

"So I'm doing twists with my juicy hair leave in, I step out of the room, and come back to find my husband... applying it to his dreads ! LOL ^_^. So I think you have a new new customer. We love that it softens and moisturizes." AfroBarbie Ruth Bowen

"OMG! my hair has never been so soft when I wake up, normally its dry and brittle, but after using your products my hairs still soft!" Louisa Taylor

"OMG!!! I received my Juicy Hair Leave In Conditioner today. It smells great, the container is filled to the brim, & I can tell that the base of the product is real shea butter right outta the nut! NC you might have just "hooked" a new client (and I'm a stylist too) so I'll be sending some of these dry afros I see in public your way. Be blessed"-- Letoiya

"If anyone has not tried this Naturalista Juicy Leave in Hair conditioner it is a MUST!!! I used it for the first time last night and my curls are not only soft but they are POPPIN! This stuff is amazing!!! it works wonders for me. Im hooked!" Kimberly

"Wow what a quick delivery! I got my hands on the Juicy Hair Leave-in and let me just say that I love, love, love, this stuff! I used it on my Bantu knot out this weekend and it worked wonders! My hair is so shiny and soft and I just love the smell! I will be ordering again soon! :)"--Safiyyah

"My top favorite naturalista cosmetics products are the African soap, castor oil super growth serum, & the leave-in conditioner(;"--Dericka

"I love it!"--Pinneice

"I am so in love with the Juicy leave-in, I don't know how you did it but this stuff is like gold in a jar! My hair has done a complete 360, for the better. I was also glad I can pick it up at the BSS in Alexandria! Will you be adding the Phd Spray and AloeFlax gel to stock at the BSS?" Tai Renee Williams

Product Attributes

Size: 8oz

Color: Green

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