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Suleiman Heart Pendant,Stone of India,Release Negativity,Reiki

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This is a wonderful and powerful Suleiman Heart shaped stone that I have added a silver frame and bale to create a lovely pendant.The heart shaped stone alone measures about 25mm and almost 40mm with the bale.I have added many photos of the stone showing both sides,it is highly polished so there may be some camera glare,however,the stone is in perfect condition.Please read the story behind the stone,there is much to tell about this rare and hard to find stone.

Thank you for visiting,please contact me if you have any questions

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

SULEIMAN is a stone of Protection, unexpensive but almost unknown, extremely hard to find and often confused with Onyx and with the "zebra" variety of crystallized agate, consisting mostly of silicon dioxide, in ancient times in Persia and Tibet was amongst the most valued and sought for ones. In a way it is for our system what a Norton Utilities System is for a computer, that is, it can improve our performance on all levels. It has the power to alter the natural state of matter and in ancient times has mostly been used channeling and for magic, which is not at all its highest function, and even been often misused. This has caused the Suleiman to withdraw to great extent and in a certain sense to hide from the collective consciousness, and as a matter of fact it is not mentioned in any of the western gemology books I have seen, only in very old text in Tibetan, Sanskrit and Farsi. But it easily opens and vibrates in the hand of healers and Light Workers. It is perhaps the best stone to equilibrate the Yin/ Yang energies and for exorcisms and cases of possessions, but it is mostly used to become free from all negativity, childhood traumas and heavy karmas from past lives. It it possible to direct negative entities into this stone then put it in salt water to dissolve them

Materials Used

Suleiman stone,silver framing and bale

Product Attributes

Color: Red

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