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Ceramic Smudging Teepee - Burn Sage, Red Cedar or Cone Incense

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This miniature teepee is made from slab earthenware clay that I imprinted using many of my own stamps, reverse design patterns and little wheels that I have carved. I also often combine bits of old jewelry findings and lace in my pieces. I hand make each miniature teepee individually with a different motif or set of symbols to give it a distinctive look. This one has the four direction symbols, stars and diamond patterns. I list them separately so you'll receive the exact one in the photo, plus a little flyer describing the cultural purpose of smudging with cedar or sage.

Size: Approximately 5 inches high on it's base disk and can be washed in hot soapy water. The top is not attached to the bottom. My photo props are not included. (But you knew that!) :)

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Through the ages many cultures have used smudging as a ceremony to welcome, honor and give thanks to our friends in the Spirit world. Sage or cone incense works well in these teepees since the conical shape draws the smoke up through the top (like a venturi effect). Very fun to look at! Surround it with your favorite personal medicine objects and create your own miniature sacred scene.

May your prayers be answered, with your best interest in mind.

Materials Used

earthenware clay, oxides

More Info

A word about using Red Cedar:
Cedar, unlike a wand of sage or sweet grass braid, is not all lit at the same time. You would break off a small amount to use on a tray or as some prefer, an abalone shell. I've seen some beautiful blackened hand carved bowls, passed down through generations of use. Cedar lights and flames easily unless it needs a bit more drying time. Depending on how big the piece is, it will burn up quickly and then release it's delightful smoke. Some say only to use your hand or a feather fan to put it out if the flames are too lively but I also have Indian friends who say don't worry about it. If you need to quickly blow it out, the most that will happen is your spirit friends might chuckle. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and make good prayers!

The shipping is for 2# USPS priority with tracking and insurance included. I'll include a little miniature spirit offering bowl as an offset to the shipping rate.

Product Attributes

Color: White

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