Scapegoat Healing, with millefleurs, giclee art print, 11 x 14


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Scapegoat Healing, with millefleurs, giclee art print, 11 x 14


Note: Copyright watermarks do not appear on the actual work of art.

Please look through all of the pictures to get a sense of what some of the details look like.

You are buying directly from the artist.

Scapegoat Healing details:
- The name of this art work is "Scapegoat Healing".
- this is a print of my original work of art
- The size of the image is 13" x 10"on 14" x 11" paper
- this is a very crisp image and there is a lot of detail
- printed with archival ink on archival paper (Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper) rated to last more than a hundred years
- hand signed on the front with my last name; also signed on the back with date (2014), title and my full signature
- packaged with an archival backing mat and inserted into a cello sleeve and mailed in a stiff cardboard mailer.

This piece is part of a series I have been working on about scapegoats. The millefleurs in the background are also part of a theme I have been working on and, I hope, contribute to some of the beauty of healing from the trauma of being blamed for anything and everything that goes wrong in the family. Read more about my inspirations for the piece below. Or see my Artfire shop ( if you are interested in other works with this theme.

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All images and other content Copyright © Lise Winne. You are purchasing the product only and will not have rights to publish, reproduce, alter, copy, print, scan or redistribute.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

This piece of art is the beginning of a departure from my usual art in that it is about healing from being a family scapegoat.

The original scapegoat tradition had its roots in Jewish custom. A goat was chosen and weighed down with items that were symbolically supposed to represent undesirable conditions in the community: famines, in-fighting, disease, unexplained deaths and so on. Once the goat was weighted down, it was sent out to the desert away from the community where it presumably died.
As for human scapegoats, they are primarily found in alcoholic and narcissistic families, which tend to have a lot of emotional (and sometimes physical) abuse. These kinds of families are notorious for blaming and even bullying one person for anything and everything that goes wrong. If an immediate fault cannot be found within the scapegoat, then the family typically uses subjective blame like interpreting the scapegoat's feelings as negative or hostile (i.e. "you're always angry at everyone", "you're ungrateful", "you create drama", etc). Narcissistic families go further and use interpretive feelings as an excuse to punish, as well as blame.
Scapegoating is a serious societal problem and causes severe damage to relationships, the unity of the family, to the psyche and well being of the one who is continually blamed.
This piece is also the first piece I created when I decided to pursue an MSW (I already have an M.Ed in art Education).
A much longer explanation for what scapegoating is and how you can heal from it is on my blog:

This is meant to be healing art: the white scapegoat (signifying purity) that has been sent out to the desert wanders and finds an abundant lush garden instead, and the family that burdened him with all of the blaming, shaming, rejection, insults and toxic emotional waste, this load has miraculously turned to white butterflies and is literally floating away, disencumbering the goat of his heavy load.

A lot of my art is also influenced by Renaissance art and the millefleurs in this particular piece were influenced by unicorn tapestries:

The design is dedicated to Robert W. Davis, LCSW, who spends tireless hours trying to counsel scapegoats and rehabilitate their families.

Materials Used

archival ink, archival paper, Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art paper, backing mat, cellophane sleeve

More Info

framing suggestions: This is standard size and you will be able to find a mat that is 11" x 14". The print is best if it is matted with acid free mats to ensure longevity. Keep away from direct sunlight or outside conditions.

design elements: The design is symmetrical with some diagonals to bring your eye towards the floral elements while going upwards. It features a Renaissance style scapegoat.

colors: primarily dark green, white, gold, pinks and purples

possible uses: hanging art for a wall or alcove

style: Renaissance inspired.

features: a goat with a pack, cranes, rabbits, a dove, nest, many different styles of flowers

created by: a former art teacher, in pursuit of another degree (MSW)

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Archival ink, archival paper, cellophane sleeve

Size: 11 x 14 inches

Pattern: Many flowers, millefleurs, floral

Color: Green

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RoxAndThings on Dec 2, 2011
5 stars

Your cards are even more beautiful in person! Super (really super) safe shipping. Lightening fast in plenty of time for Christmas delivery. Thank you so much. Your work is lovely. :)
LottiesBeads on Nov 7, 2011
5 stars

Always such gorgeous handmade cards...... buy with confidence - A seller!
LottiesBeads on Sep 29, 2011
5 stars

Exquisite card..... would love to see the original piece of artwork this was drawn from; I suspect it's amazingly beautiful. I'll be back. - Lise

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