Black Hawaiin Salt All Natural Foot Scrub


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Black Hawaiin Salt All Natural Foot Scrub


I initially whipped up this Black Hawaiin Salt Scrub with sandalwood, tea tree, black pepper and mint essential oil for anyone who wasn't into the whole fruity/flowery vibe and needed something for dry skin (especially feet). I personally love earthy scents the most and thought it'd be cool to create a more neutral scrub for everyone. But now that it's all whipped and done, I have to talk about the benefits because this stuff does it all. I started out with a basic scrub but got super creative with it and the benefits are abundant in this stuff. This scrub heals, replenishes, protects, calms, repairs, detoxifies, and even promotes circulation and helps with aches and pain when applied to the feet.

I'm not the type to just look up a recipe, copy it and smack a label on it. I've studied herbs, oils, butters, etc. for a few years now so I'm always adding, taking away, revamping and/or replacing ingredients in existing recipes. I love doing what I do and truly feel like it is a part of my purpose. I made this recipe up completely on my own and every added ingredient is completely all natural and extremely beneficial for your skin, specifically dry or cracked feet.

Here's why this stuff rocks:

This scrub is based with organic coconut oil and black hawaiin salt. We all know how wonderful coconut oil is for the skin. Salt is extraordinary for your skin because it's rich in minerals that nourish and detoxify. It is also anti-bacterial which in itself has a number of benefits including deodorizing. This scrub also includes epsom salt which, besides it's cleansing properties, helps alleviate aches and pain especially when absorbed through the feet. Avocado oil was also added for its ability to replenish dry skin, protecting against skin damage, healing chapped skin and calming itchy skin. Perfect for a foot scrub. The essential oils in this are the bomb. Tea Tree is widely known for its anti bacterial properties. Peppermint is super cooling and renewing and black pepper detoxifies and promotes circulation when applied to feet. I've also added some Vitamin E for its skin benefits and detoxification.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Black Hawaiin Salt, Epsom Salt, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Baking Soda, Sandalwood Pure Oil, Japanese Peppermint Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil, and Tea Tree Essential Oil.

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