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Native Eagle Feather Water Bird earrings

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Native Eagle Feather Water Bird earrings

The Eagle Feather alone is 1.25 inch long. With ear wires, the Eagle Feather earrings measure a total of 1.75 inches. The black tip on the Eagle Feather bottom is a Water Bird with 4 medicine circles rising from the beak. These earrings are a reminder of how much help and assistance from above (the eagle) and below (the water bird) is available to us especially in troubled times. They are extremely lightweight and can be worn with comfort all day and all night. They dangle from surgical steel ear wires that are hypoallergenic and very hygienic. These Eagle Feather Water Bird Earrings are hand made from crafted acrylic by Native American artist, jeweler and indigenous healer Paula Bidwell of Native Talisman Art. Her biography is listed below.

Native American Symbols and meaning:

The Eagle Feather will take our prayers, wishes and desires directly to the Creator. The feather is considered a great gift from the Eagle who listens intently to our words and even our silent thoughts. The Eagle also closely watches all of our actions.

Many of us have watched the eagle as it soars upward in the sky only to see it go so high it literally disappears from sight. This is why the eagle is considered to be in direct communication with the Creator.

The Water Bird dives to the bottom of lakes and rivers bringing up medicines and placing them on the shore so the people can use them. The Water Bird has become a symbol of the Native American Church (NAC) and Peyote medicine.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Artist inspiration:

Inspiration of the Eagle Feather: “Mitakuye Oyasin…we are all related.” The woman woke from a dream. An eagle had come in the night and taken her to an ancient time. There she saw how we began as one tribe and then scattered to many distant places. Some were far across the ocean. As the eagle gently brought her back from the dream, it loosened one of its feathers to give to her so she would always remember: “We are all related”.

Inspiration of the Water Bird: “After a Sweat (Inipi) ceremony I dreamed of watching a piece of acrylic shape itself into a Water Bird. My dream repeated itself over and over until I could memorize the complete design of the upper feathers, the body, the tail and the eagle feather with the Water Bird in the darkened area. I am very grateful for our Native American ceremonies. They have been the inspiration for all my art.”

Artist: Paula Bidwell of Native Talisman Art is an American Indian artist, jeweler and author. She is also considered an Indigenous Healer and spent many years on the reservation learning traditional healing and ceremony. She combines being an artist and indigenous healer into her art. Paula believes strongly that we are all related and there is very little separation between us. Her art resonates with all cultures and peoples.

Materials Used

acrylic,surgical steel

More Info

Native American eagle feather earrings handmade by Paula Bidwell of Native Talisman Art.

Product Attributes

Color: White

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