eTutorial "Francesca" an original necklace by patrickduggandesigns


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eTutorial "Francesca" an original necklace by patrickduggandesigns


"FRANCESCA" a necklace tutorial by patrickduggandesigns ©. A unique, original, eye-catching design using beautiful colours to enhance the wearer and attract notice.
Originally designed for the "Battle of the Beadsmith" 2015 Internatonal competition and entered as "Francesca's Farfalle". Purchasing this tutorial enables you to make and enjoy wearing a competition piece of your very own.

This Intermediate to Advanced level project is a combination of peyote and herringbone stitches. Each illustration takes you from one step easily and clearly to the next step, from start to finish. Before you know it you will be wearing your very own creation.

ARTFIRE IS NOT AN AUTO-DOWNLOAD. The file has to be sent to you when payment is verified, usually within 24 hours.
Please be mindful of the TIME DIFFERENCES, as I live in Australia.

The tutorial has seventeen pages with over 70 full colour illustrations in PDF format.

The tutorial grants the purchaser permission to sell items made from it - with credit given to the designer - (patrickduggandesigns) - of course.
Purchase of the tutorial does NOT transfer my copyright to you, NOR does it grant you the permission to gift, share, exchange, teach, copy the whole or parts of it or distribute the file or portion of the file content in any way - whether for pay or for free. Purchase of this tutorial indicates that you agree to abide by the above policy.
Stealing is an offence and deprives the artist of their hard earned income so please be mindful of the above copyright policy.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

The Story: As a much younger man I used to catch a train to my place of employment. I did this for many years. Sometimes a woman would hop onto the train dressed like a fairy, with butterflies on her dress and in her hair. She would also have the biggest smile on her face. I always wondered why she was dressed this way, where she was going and what was her name.
One day another woman was sitting beside me chatting when the "butterfly lady" hopped onto the train. I was fortunate to hear "the butterfly lady's" story.

Her name was Francesca, she was an Italian lady who had lost her daughter to an illness. Her daughter loved butterflies. Ever since her daughter passed away Francesca had begun wearing these extravagantly colorful clothes with butterflies in her hair. Francesca's grief was so strong something went a little awry in her mind. However, she was totally harmless and took great delight in dressing up. Francesca knew that being in her favorite clothes always put a smile on people's faces and that made her happy. Francesca regularly caught the train as she loved going to the Children's Hospital to visit the sick kiddies, hoping it would distract them from their illness and place a smile on their faces.
When I found this out I thought how free Francesca truly was, to be able to express her joy and to bring joy and smiles to others.

With my necklace design resembling a flurry of butterflies and having a lovely name like Francesca with a flood of memories I had to name my design "Francesca's Farfalle" in memory of a lady. I hope whenever you see my design you too will think of Francesca and a smile appear on your face. Happy Smiling !

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Shell Pearls, size 11 and 15 seed beads, pear drops, fringing drops

Size: Measuring 52cm (20.5") in the round

Pattern: Peyote, herringbone

Color: Blue

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I live in Australia so please be aware of any time differences in delivery as this is not an automatic download system.

PDF files will be e-mailed to the Paypal address on the order unless otherwise specified within 24 hours of payment confirmation.
Please check your spam or junk mail if you have not received the tutorial within 24 hours.

Buyer satisfaction is my goal so if you have a problem please contact me and we can work it out.


GailRod on Jun 13, 2017
5 stars

VERY clear,concise instructions...LOTS of color pics. Patrick answered my questions right away, classy Seller, can't wait to make these! Will be a repeat :)
Patron258612 on Nov 23, 2016
5 stars

An amazing kit! The presentation is so professional, beautifully written tutorial, I am so happy to have purchased this kit! Super fast shipping and great communication too, I recommend this gorgeous kit to any beader!
luella_frank on Nov 1, 2016
5 stars

Beautiful pattern! Fast delivery of the pattern, and it looks easy to do! All of Patrick's patterns are well-documented and easy to follow!
Patron310820 on Aug 27, 2015
2 stars

How do I access my order. web site was very difficult for me to navigate.if I didn't like your designs so much I would have given up.
luella_frank on Feb 11, 2014
5 stars

Perfect! I had this within an hour of purchasing! Thanks Patrick! :)

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