FIBER BEAD Every time she adds a shiny colorful new bead to the drawer, it becomes a crisis of self-esteem.

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FIBER BEAD Every time she adds a shiny colorful new bead to the drawer, it becomes a crisis of self-esteem.


This is a set of 9 fiber beads. These beads are a lovely combination of brown, blue, pink and purple. The beads are 1.5 inches long and .25 inches wide.

The beads, like many of the ones I offer are made from a skein. And so, the beads in the picture are a strong representation of the beads you will be receiving. IF you want to see the exact beads you will get, Id be happy to take a picture of them for you before ordering! A44

Materials Used


Product Attributes

Color: Blue

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All Other Countries
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My shop policy is customer satisfaction. I will ship, generally, the day after the order is placed at the latest. I do not ship until payment is received in full. If you are ordering from outside of the United States I am happy to ship to you. However, I want you to be reasonable and do not expect miracles from the mere mortals delivering the mail. Out of the country shipments have been known to take a month to make it to their destination with the holidays, bad weather, and other human frailties factored in. I ship the next day for reasonably small orders and within a week for very large orders.

If you see a fiber that you would like in a different bead style, ask. Most likely I will be able to work it into a bead you will be happy with.

I will accept returns if you are not happy with the item you receive.

If you are inquiring about wholesale, be prepared to send a copy of your Tax ID for resale and proof that you actually own a resale operation (website, bricks and mortar store or the like). Also, be prepared for minimum order requirements for wholesale purchase.


EileenHanksDesigns on Jun 17, 2011
5 stars

Beautiful beads, love 'em all. Back again asap!
TheJoyOfColor on Jan 21, 2011
5 stars

I always love your fiber beads. when they come in, I put them in my hands first, then close my eyes, and I think they talk to me, they tell me what I should do with them. Crazy! Nothing like a crochet hook, pulling your fibers through, and this time, yes, aaaah tassels. lol
peacebirdstudio on Oct 27, 2010
5 stars

I LOVE THESE BEADS! Better than perfect seller, product is BEAUTIFUL & customer service is AWESOME! Thanks a million!
Beadwright on Aug 20, 2010
5 stars

Ohhh these beads are so awesome!!! Much better than picture. Fun to design with. Product is very high quality. I will be back soon Nicole/Beadwright
RockysUniqueCreations on May 6, 2010
5 stars

Great beads, I will be back. Thanks, Rocky

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