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BioThane® Camouflage Hunting and Sport Collar for Dogs

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BioThane® Camouflage Hunting and Sport Collar for Dogs


🌟 PetProMart's Camouflage Biothane® Dog Collar is water resistant and weather proof. Our Camo collars are made from a revolutionary webbing called Biothane®. Biothane® webbing does not stretch, rot, mildew or stink from dog odor. There is no need to dry it, just wipe clean whenever needed. These collars are very flexible. They are perfect for any conditions, especially for dogs that spend time in the water. Biothane® webbing does not need any treatment and can be cleaned with a simple wipe down or super clean using soap and water.

🌟 Our Biothane® Camo Collars are custom made using 3/4 - 1" wide Gold Standard Camouflage BioThane® webbing, which is created through a process called sublimation. The webbing is sublimated, or printed on, first and then a clear Gold coating is applied. Gold BioThane® is sometimes referred to as “Shiny” or “Translucent.” It has a Hi-Gloss appearance and is hard but flexible. These properties make it an excellent choice for making dog collars intended for hunting or sport dogs.

🌟 Features
★ Waterproof
★ Easy to Clean
★ Mildew & Antimicrobial Resistant
★ Abrasion Resistant
★ Electric Shock Resistant
★ Lightweight and Strong
★ Flexible
★ Durable
★ Stink Proof
★ Weldable

🌟 Collar Hardware

★ Default Collar Hardware: Black (Die-Cast).
★ Special Requests:
★ Optional Silver - Nickle Plated (No additional Cost)
★ Add $2.50 for Brass or Stainless Steel

🌟 Collar and Leash Sizing*

★ XS = 3/4 inch x 10 - 13 inch (25-33 cm)
★ S = 3/4 or 1 inch x 13 - 16 inch (32 - 40 cm)
★ L = 1 x 17 - 22 inch (44-56 cm)
★ XL = 1 x 18 - 24 inch (47 - 61 cm)
★ XXL = 1 x 21 - 27 inch (55-69 cm)

★ Leashes = 4 ft. (1.2 meters) and 6 ft. (1.8 Meters)

*Custom Sizes Available (may add additional cost).

🌟 Custom personalized Tags*

★ Elliptical Shape Rivet-On Style Tags
★ 1 inch wide collars - Black Aluminum Rivet-On Tag: 3/4 inch x 2 inch
★ 1 inch wide collars - Stainless Steel Rivet-On Tag: 13/16 inch x 1 -7/8 inch
★ 1 inch wide collars - Brass: 3/4 inch x 2-1/2 inch.
★ 3/4 inch wide collars - Black Aluminum Rivet-On Tag: 9/32 inch x 1 - 7/8 inch
★ 3/4 inch wide collars - Stainless Steel Rivet-On Tag: 5/8 inch x 1 -7/8 inch
★3/4 inch wide collars - Brass Rivet-On Tag: 5/8 inch x 2-1/2 inch
*Please specify if you want SS Silver or Aluminum Black (Black will be default if you do not specify)

🌟 What's stronger, Biothane or Leather? Find out here:
BioThane® Beta Standard with a Matte Finish and Leather Embossing. The 1 inch BioThane webbing has a 1,000 lb. break strength. The standard is approximately 0.10" thick.

🌟 BioThane Webbing Properties

★ Strong, 1,000 lb. tensile strength!
★ No Stitching to Rip and Fray
★ Belt Holes will NOT Elongate
★ Easy to clean
★ Waterproof
★ Anti-Microbial, will not retain germs.
★ Flexible
★ Abrasion-resistant / Scratch resistant
★ Moisture-resistant / Absorbs Nothing
★ Electric Shock Resistant
★ Lightweight, yet strong
★ Will not retain odors
★ Very good grip when wet
★ Looks and feels like Leather


🌟 Leather Properties

★ Will stretch, fade, tear and break
★ Requires stitches which will fray and break
★ Belt Holes stretch, elongate and break
★ Hard to clean
★ Absorbs water, sweat and worse…
★ Absorbs and retains germs
★ Too Pliable, collapses
★ Scratches Easily
★ Susceptible to cold weather damage
★ Does not resist electric current
★ Heavy and loses strength - stretches over time
★ Absorbs and holds odors
★ Slippery when wet
★ Is Leather…

Product Attributes

Color: White

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