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Personalized Bracelet Graduation Gift Customized Cuffs Gift for


Personalized Bracelet Graduation Gift Customized Cuffs Gift for Her Custom Personalized Jewelry for Her Sentimental Gift----------------------Design-Your-Own CUSTOM CUFFS! This listing is for those of you who want to custom design your own cuffs - adding your own text, embellishments, picking the font, texture and finish! But please read *WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU* below and refer to PIC 5 before placing your order.★WHAT YOU GET★------------------------------------This listing comes with:1 (ONE) SLIM (14 wide) and 1 (ONE) SKINNY (18 wide). YOU PICK THE METAL FOR BOTH. SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.NOTE >>> The SLIM is the only one that receives text.You customize your cuffs >>> refer to *WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU* below and PIC 5 for detailed instructions that you will need to follow to order.See Pic 3 for examples of what you can do but the options are limitless! NOTE > These are ONLY examples. You will be creating your own cuff set from PIC 5.★WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU★------------------------------------FIRST - refer to steps 1, 2 & 3 BELOW as they relate to PIC 5. The drop down boxes above the add to cart button refer to steps 1 and 2 below. Step 3 below refers to what I need from you in the comments portion of your order.1. First Drop-Down Box: FINISH, CUSTOM TEXT, EMBELLISHMENTSFINISH (Pic 5) - You pick the finish - polished, brushed, satin, matteTEXT - You select your own customization - count the characters in your phrase and pick the corresponding number in the drop down menu.EMBELLISHMENT (Pic 5) - If you want, add a raised shape.2. Second Drop-Down Box: SIZE, TEXTURE, FONTSIZE - you pick the size - standard (6.5 circumference) or large (7 circumference) - see below for further details on selecting the right size.TEXTURE (Pic 5) - you pick the texture - we offer 5 (FIVE) textures from which to pick.FONT (Pic 5) - you pick the font - we offer 3 (THREE) fonts from which to pick. > our design feature is that tiny dancer and typewriter are all lower case, STANDARD is all upper case. If you want any letters capped out of the tiny dancer and typewriter sets, you'll need to specify so on your order, i.e. please CAP the first letter of the word *Mary*. Just writing the engraving instructions with a capitalized letter in the word doesn't count. We'll need you to state for us to CAP it or send us a separate convo asking for the design correction.3. In the personalization portion of your order WE NEED YOU TO INDICATE: (if nothing is indicated WE WILL PICK FOR YOU)a. SLIM Metal - you indicate one of these: copper (pink-ish hue), nu gold or German silverb. SKINNY Metal - you indicate one of these: copper (pink-ish hue), nu gold or German silverc. Provide your custom text according to the number of characters you selected in the first drop down menu.d. TEXT - indicate INSIDE or OUTSIDEUPGRADES - if you added upgrades I'll need to know:e. MONOGRAM - as it is to be inscribed (if you list ABC, it will be inscribed EXACTLY as that with B being larger and in the middle, usually signifying the last name) - Monogram will go outside edge of cuff.f. SHAPE - list the name of the shape you want from PIC 5.g. NAME to inscribe - 10 characters or less - will go outside EDGE of cuff.★PERSONALIZATION IDEAS★------------------------------------be fearless in what sets your soul on fire wild, barefoot & freehustle & heart will set you apartshe believed she could so she didyou got thismake choices that liberate youmake good use of todaydear stress, let's break upwork hard, do good, be incrediblebeautiful, fierce & freehave courage & be kind★A SAMPLE CUSTOM ORDER★------------------------------------A perfect customized order would look something like this:Let's say Amy selected the following in the first drop down menu which addresses finish, characters and embellishments:★Polish 31-40+MONOGRAM (cuff will be polished, includes 31-40 characters of custom text + a monogram)In the second drop down she selected her size, texture and font:★6.5tradittypewriter (she will be getting a standard size cuff, in traditional texture with typewriter font)In the comments portion of the order she will have indicated:a. SLIM Metal - German silverb. Skinny Metal - Nu Goldc. TEXT - you are beautiful, amazing and brave.d. PLACE TEXT INSIDEe. Monogram - ABC (please remember the middle letter is the first letter of the last name)------------------------------------★ Please NOTE -- these are all completely hand forged from scratch and each one is made to order. Considerable loving care is given in each creation. We pride ourselves on the quality and the fact that we start with raw sheet metal and transform them into art. Each letter is individually hand engraved; each hammer stroke is struck by hand. It gets very loud in our studio but we love it! They are works of heart! From our heart to yours! Made in our sweet studio in the USA by women who love what we do.★SIZING DETAILS★------------------------------------We offer two sizes. Standard, which fits most wrists, at a 6.5 circumference . Large at a circumference of 7. These are CUFFS, not bangles. There is an opening in the back of 1. Cuffs are meant to bend and pinch down to suit the size of your wrist and they are meant to fit snugly.★METAL DETAILS★------------------------------------We use the following metals in our custom cuffs: German Silver, Nu Gold and Copper. Do read about the metal content in our products please see our policies section for a breakdown of what's in all of our metals.★FINISH DETAILS★------------------------------------★POLISHED will come straight out of the tumbler and not be sprayed. It will be bright and sparkly but will age (or tarnish) more readily. If you want them to stay bright and sparkly, you might consider purchasing a polish cloth: https:www.etsy.comlisting113672883beautiful-and-safe-polishing-cloth-to★BRUSHED will still be tumbled for hours but will receive a final brushing before being sent off to

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