woolly mammoth tusk,fossil,bone carving,luxury gift,pleistocene,

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woolly mammoth tusk,fossil,bone carving,luxury gift,pleistocene,


This is a real part of a fragment of a mammoth tusk found a few months ago in the permafrost in Yakutia. 100% ORIGINAL - , there are traces of time on the tusk. Small superficial microcracks do not spoil the view, but on the contrary emphasize its age, but do not reduce its value.This is clearly visible on the polished part of the mammoth bone. The age of the object should be taken into account more than 0.01-0.12 million years!, This is a small composition crowned at the end of the tusk with the figure of the head of a prehistoric bison, carved from the horn of a large northern elk. The work on carving is very thorough and all the small details of the head of a prehistoric bison can be seen in the photo, its horns are also made of mammoth tusk. Such bison lived together with woolly mammoths on our planet tens of thousands of years ago. In order for the stand to match the status of the tusk, the pedestal was made of mountain elm kappa, which is more than 150 years old. Some of the elements of the stand are complemented by an African wenge tree (pango pango). Everything is covered with natural shellac according to the old technology, which makes it possible to better reveal and show the texture of the tree. The tusk is fixed on a bronze stand specially made for it. For collectors and lovers of antiquity, this woolly mammoth tusk will be an excellent purchase, like a unique historical rarity or a very expensive luxury gift. And for those who want to decorate their home, office or their desk, it will give an unforgettable solid look, since this is not just our history, but a real historical value. Unfortunately, the number of such finds in such a beautiful state is not endless, but sharply decreases, which means that over time they will become even more unique and much more expensive.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

When you work with this material, it is very difficult to imagine that it is more than 0.01-0.12 million years old! It is difficult to believe in it, but even so it is a fact. Next to these mammoth tusks, one immediately understands how small our role in this world means. I wanted my work from a wool mammoth tusk to allow its future owner to get in touch with the history of the planet and become for someone an expensive and luxurious gift, and delight its future owner with its uniqueness, as a very rare fossil and the history of our planet.

Materials Used

woolly mammoth tusk, mammoth bone, pleistocene, fossil mammoth, archaeological find, mountain ilm burl, bronze, wenge wood, Natural shellac

More Info

archaeological find,historical rarity,artifact,rare fossil,luxury gift,petrified,rare and unique,antiquities,rare finds,bone carving

Product Attributes

Color: White

Style: art deco, classic, modern, country, loft

Theme: archaeological find,historical rarity,artifact,rare fossil,petri

Length: 19 in

Height: 13 in

Width: 5 in

Weight: 2000 Gram

Occasion: birthday, anniversary date, memorable date, celebration,gift

Material: woolly mammoth tusk,mammoth bone carving,fossil petrified

Finish: glossy, matt, polished

Color: brown,ivory, bronze

Shape: for mantelpiece,office table decor,art object,luxury gift

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