Hedge Apples, Natural Spider Repellent, Crafts



Hedge Apples, Natural Spider Repellent, Crafts


Large Flat Rate Priority Mail USPS box packed full of fresh Hedge Apples. Approx. 15 to 20 hedge balls to a large box.


Average size: 4"-14" round, as small as a jawbreaker and as big as a large softball - we pack smaller sizes in around the larger ones to really fill the box.


The osage orange fruits have a slight citrus like smell some find very pleasant. The bright lemony green makes cheerful home accents when used for interior decoration.

Life span of Horse Apples varies greatly with the conditions of the environment in which the Hedge Apples are located. Average in home use is 1 to 3 months. Once dried for crafts, they last as long as any other dried botanical.

Average count of our Osage Orange crop is 300,000-400,000 a year. Fully formed fruits in August will begin to quickly decay after the first freeze in Kansas, usually around November. Native critters like rabbits, deer, squirrel, birds, field mice, opossums, skunk, or porcupine love to eat the seeds and make great winter food sources. Wildlife love the seeds which they glean out of the fleshy fruits. Hedge Balls have been known to lodge in cattle's throats and cause choking.

Hedge Apple fruits are non toxic and non-poisonous but if you have cows in your yard, I would not advise leaving Osage Oranges lying around. Some people experience mild dermatitis from the milky sap but the Hedge Apple is otherwise completely safe for children, infants, pets and home use.

Hedge Apples are known by many different names:
Maclura Pomifera fruit
Osage Orange
Hedge Apple
Mock Orange
Green Brains
Horse Apple
Monkey Brain
Bow Wood
Bois D Arc
Hedge Ball

Folklore use of Hedge Apples is as an insect repellent. It was commonly thought that putting Hedge Apples in and around your home would repel spiders, cockroaches, ants, fleas, crickets, beetles, centipedes, box elder beetle, termites and other crawling insects. Farmers in our area, including ourselves, use the Hedge Apple for it's folklore use as a non-toxic, completely natural, Eco friendly green and safe insect repellent in our homes, barns, and sheds. It's great for keeping spiders and crickets at bay in basements and basement window sills.

Using Hedge Balls in your home or apartment could be a great way to keep bugs away safely and without use of harsh chemicals or toxic pesticides. This has not been proven, but there are many studies on the Internet from universities in Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri. Elemol is the name of the active property in the hedge balls that works as a repellent. Studies on elemol are found with a quick Google search. A 1999 study from the lab of Dr. Joel Coats in the Department of Entomology at Iowa State University shows promise for the essential oil of the Hedge Apple as a repellent for cockroaches.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

There are some people that use the hedge apples in cases of cancer. There are a few sites that show research and information on hedge balls as part of their homeopathic treatments in the fight against cancers. Past customers say they freeze the hedge apples, grate some of the fruit each day and ingest the flesh in drink or food. These people report good results by using the Osage orange hedgeballs in their own battles against cancer. They of course use the apples in addition to the treatments from their doctors. This is only a folklore use and has not been tested or proven expect by their own results. If you would like more information try Internet searches or ask me and I will send you the links I have found.

Materials Used

hedge apples, mock orange, osage orange, hedge balls, fruit of Bois D'Arc, horse apples, maclura pomifera fruits

More Info

Fresh picked hedge apples right off the trees.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Fresh green hedge fruit

Size: Large Flat Rate Box

Color: Green

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United States
First Item: $16.85
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Shipping times vary with product ordered.

DIGITAL FILES emailed 12 to 24 hours or sooner after payment

HAND MADE HANG TAGS ship 1-3 days after payment

DRIED BOTANICALS and HEDGE APPLES ship same or next day after payment

HAND DYED WOOL ships 1-3 days after payment - add 2 more shipping days for cutting into strips requests, add 3-5 shipping days for custom dye color requests, CUSTOM GRAPHIC ART JOBS are shipped according to specifics set out per each individual job request and quote.

Osage Orange hedge apple fruits are ripe and ready by late July to August. We pick right from the tree and ship the same or next day after payment. We usually have hedge apples available from late July to the end of November.

Hang Tags
All my hang tags are made to order. They are shipped the same day or next day after payment if at all possible.

Digital files
All digital files are emailed to you within 24 hours or sooner.

Hand Dyed Wool
If the ad states that we have the wool in stock - it ships the same or next day after payment, unless you want me to cut the wool for you for rug hooking. Then it might be a day or two longer, but I will always let you know if there is a delay. The large wholesale orders of wool are hand dyed to order and can take up to a week before I can ship it out. You can contact me for turn around time on the hand dyed wholesale wool if you need a delivery time estimate. We have an always rotating supply of wool in stock at all times.

All wool has been soaked in pure hospital grade lanolin as the final soak. This makes the wool soft and conditions the wool to make it hook better and feel better in your hands.

We use a lanolin wool wash called Kookaburra. It re-infuses the wool with all its wonderful goodness. Kookaburra is also offered in our store so you can treat all your wool and make it even more wonderful!

When you dye wool, the lanolin is melted out of it. After we dye our wool, we soak it in the Kookaburra, which puts the lanolin back in the wool.

Wool with lanolin, resists dirt, debris, stains, dust and water. By soaking our wool, it makes for a much better final product for you.

Once you use our wool, we are sure you will feel, smell and see the difference. Wool is marvelous and wonderful and a lot of its greatness is for its lanolin properties.

Wholesale orders of wool would have additional charges for cutting wool. Any wool listed that is less one yard, I will cut in the size you request with no additional charges or fees, as long as you are willing to wait for a day or two for shipping after your payment and checkout.

If you dont have a cutter for rug hooking, let us cut the wool for you. We use a Rigby and a Fraser to cut our wool.

We have blade sizes #3 through #10. Blade numbers and widths are as follows:
# 3 = 3/32" wide
# 4 = 1/8" wide
# 5 = 5/32" wide
# 6 = 6/32" wide
# 7 = 7/32" wide
# 8 = ¼" wide
# 8.5 = 5/16" wide
# 9 = 3/8" wide
#10 = ½" wide
#3-#4 are considered as fine or traditional rug hooking size - you get very fine detailing with these size cuts.
#5-#7 are midway sizes and allow some detailing
#8-#8.5 are considered traditional primitive hooking widths
#9-#10 are considered wide hooking
Each cut has its own nuances and pros and cons - it is perfectly acceptable to use all sizes of cuts in one rug or art piece. We will be happy to cut bundles in one size or a variety of sizes for each bundle for you with no additional fees. Just let us know in checkout messages or email what sizes you want your wool.

Unless otherwise stated in individual listing, these are brand new off the bolt textures, plaids, tweeds and solids hand overdyed with our stock dye colors. These ARE ALL NEW 100% WOOL OFF THE BOLT - HAND DYED, AND SOAKED IN OUR LANOLIN WOOL WASH, unless otherwise stated in the ad that we used recycled woolens.

These wools are all the perfect weight for rug hooking and penny rugs. A nice medium weight with great hand and feel to each wool. These wools are 12 to 14 ounce per yard. Perfect for rug hooking, penny rugs, appliqué, quilting, sewing and more. These wools are all what I use in my own rug hooking and wool crafts, and I know first hand how each and every wool reacts and responds when being used for rug hooking and crafts. This is marvelous quality wool.

All our wool is already washed, hand dyed and lanolin soaked - ready to use.

We steam press all our wool before we photograph it, list it and store it for shipping. These wools are dyed, in stock and ready to ship as soon as payment is made. We only have the quantity listed, but can always dye more, or dye another color on your request.

All of our wool is pressed after we dye, rinse, dry and store our wool for shipping. The wool looks and acts better for you right when you open our packages. It is ready to use in your crafts with no additional treatments or processing.

With each order you get a lavender sachet and a sample of our hand made hang tags.

We use acid dyes especially for wool and protein fibers and set our colors with citric acid instead of vinegar. This makes our colors brighter and more vibrant. Our wool color is full of life and is heirloom quality for your finished items.

This hand dyed wool is lightly mottled for nice effect.

Our lanolin wool wash, Kookaburra, is completely biodegradable and safe for the environment and all septic systems. It is made from all natural ingredients and pharmaceutical grade lanolin. There are no toxins of any kind in the lanolin wool wash that we use. Our wool is a delight to smell and feel!

We do whatever we can to make our sales a wonderful experience for you. We want to be the best hand dyed wool vendor you have ever met!

It takes a lot of hours to hand dye, rinse, dry, and press each wool piece before we photograph it, list it and package for shipping - but the difference is very noticeable when you receive our wool in your post.

Lots of love, care and time goes into our wool during its whole life with us. We know you are creating great works of art and want to help however we can.

Custom Graphic Art Orders
I usually have a pretty quick turn around time for any custom requests. Contact me if you need a time estimate for a custom order.

Beads and Jewelery Supplies
Beads and jewelry supplies are shipped the same or next day after payment.

I gladly accept exchanges for any items not to your standards and will redye wool or remake gift tags upon return receipt of disliked product. If items are damaged in shipment, let me know and we will work something out. Im very easy to work with and cater to each and every customer. Shorn Sheep has great customer service.



Wonderful images. Terrific service. Such a pleasure to deal with.

♥•.*thank you.*.•♥
♥•.*very much.*.•♥




AMY is an adorable bird! I love her and can't wait to use her in my jewelry projects. Fast delivery. Thank you!


Great seller! Great beads, as described, and she sent me some freebies too. I'll be back to her shop again. Thanks!


I just love, Love, LOVE these wonderful tags, and the packaging and extras were so much fun, too!


Great service and really nice product, thank you so much!


Received these in my email quickly! Thank you.


Great image sheet!


Thanks, I will shop with you again.


I'm so glad I found you. I absolutely love my order. The artwork/designs are amazing. Thanks so much.


Thank you for the feedback! I hope you enjoy the projects as much as I do!Happy Holidays,Donna


First, thank you very much for the tags. They are stunning. And the little samples you send along, smell so good. I appreciate you sending the "mistake" ones, they are beautiful too. I have to say that I am SOOO impressed with your packaging. I love the map as a mailer idea. Wonderful. Thank you so much for your quick and personal service. I will be back for more!


Perfect all the way around! Thank you so much for working with me on my custom order.


Highly recommended!!

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