Isomars Art No 2020 Ring tops


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Isomars Art No 2020 Ring tops


This is Template # 2020 Ring tops from Isomars templates. This listing is fully sanctioned by Isomars as I am their US and Canada distributor. The shapes are all Pear shapes, they are graduated down in increments of 1mm ending in .5 mm. This one is going to make your life so much easier.

I will be adding more and different shapes to offer all the time, so check back.

Shipping: I am only shipping to the United States and Canada, Isomars offered me the exclusive
distributorship for these areas with the assurance that all inquiries from them will be referred to me if I have what they are looking for (I am working on getting all the templates they have to offer) and they have two other distributors in other parts of the world so I feel it is only right that I do the same for them. DOES THIS MEAN THAT I CAN'T BUY A CABOCHON & A TEMPLATE from the same place? No, I wouldn't do that to you. We have talked about this and they understand the inconvenience that would cause you and in fact defeats one of the reasons I first considered selling (a few) them. If you live outside the US or Canada and are prevented from purchasing a cab and a template together please contact me and I will create a custom listing for you. ORDERS OVER 5, contact me for shipping pricing, if over 10 of the same one they may have to be drop shipped for a little while (don't worry they will get there in a timely manner). The template will be sent in the factory (Clean air) sealed sleeve you see in the last picture (The pictures taken out of the sleeve are of my own template).

WHY IS THIS TEMPLATE SO GREAT? Just look at it, do you have one or even seen one better? I first got excited with the even shapes, some I have done as a Lapidary with a French curve or parts of standard templates. Some times they were fine, some times one side was off and I had to spend time fixing it on the grinder. These are even and perfect, Not to mention the new shapes I have never before seen offered or even done. And I almost hate to pass this on, but as a lapidary they will benefit you and your customers, imagine how happy they will be when they are able to contact you and say (for example) I am doing the #10 ring from Isomars template #2019 and I need a (fill in the blank) cab for it. You and they can be assured they will get the right shape and sized stone (those of you that do custom work know how hard that is with measurements sent back and forth and the possibility of error) that fits their needs without them having to modify anything.

I'm sure you will be more than pleased with your purchase.


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Color: Orange

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Stones were even better in person than in the pictures. My only problem now is deciding how to best show them off. I particularly like the dino bone.
This seller was quick to reply to my requests for information and shipped immediately. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.


Fabulous fabulous fabulous all of them. The lepoard jasper stunning the laboradite dazzling with plenty of glow, and the dino bone is captivating for that I plan to make a double sided piece offset with different colour accent gems on each side. And the other three are so lovely and unique. All well cut and polished on the back too! Carefully packaged and shipped promptly. Thanks Spike for everything and the freebie :)


Thanks Spike! I just love my stones and really look forward to creating with them. I'm sure I'll be back and I highly encourage others to check out your work! I also loved the packaging - nice and simple. Thanks again:)


Excellant product from a great seller.


Spike, I'm sorry to be so late in submitting this feedback, but I just have to tell you how absolutely THRILLED I am with the cabs I ordered from you. They are just gorgeous - I have them out on my workbench and am trying decide exactly what I want to do with them. I may use the red and blue cab for my inaugural attempt to recreate Lisa Barth's woven bail tutorial!!

Thanks a million - just a great purchase!! Very pleased.


really beautiful cabs!! Great craftsman and salesman!
way cool friend too


Thank you for the perfect transaction! :)


Wow! Very efficient seller -- well packaged and quick shipping. Thank you!

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