Ombre Hair,Tie dye Hair, Black Hair Extensions, Pink, Lilac, Lavender,

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Ombre Hair,Tie dye Hair, Black Hair Extensions, Pink, Lilac, Lavender,


Black 1b hair with a beautiful pink, lavender and blue steel fade. Gorgeous human hair extensions. A complete 7 piece set with clips.

Indian Remy human hair, hand drawn and double wefted.

We use only Professional methods and materials. Our extensions are AAA quality and color used is Professional that has extreme stay power.

Human Hair//Can be curled, flat ironed or worn straight.

Processing time is 7-10 days or sooner.

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This listing:
100+ Grams

one - 8 inch piece with four clips ( for the back of the head )

two - 6 inch pieces with three clips each piece ( for the back of the head )

two - 4 inch pieces with two clips each piece( for the sides of the head )

two - 2 inch pieces with one clip each piece ( for the sides of the head )

High quality metal clip with rubble silicone back, attached on hair

This set takes a substantial amount of time to create as the layered look of golds and vibrant colors is done differently than the ombre or dip dye. Pricing is adjusted due to the amount of color and time it takes to make this listing.

Set Options:

18 $225
20 $245
22 $265
24 $285

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Product Attributes

Primary Material: Indian Remy human hair, hand drawn and double wefted.

Size: 18"-22"

Pattern: Ombre, dip dye, tie dye, reverse ombre

Color: Blue

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To better help us serve you - please read this entire Q&A.

Q: Can I apply the tape hair extensions myself?
A: I would never in a million years advise you to put your own tape hair extensions in. If you are ordering tape hair, you should take it to your stylist and protect the integrity of your hair. I know everyone thinks it's "ok" to do it themselves but honestly, I have witnessed damage to the natural hair by the increase of those selling the tape hair on the web and not requesting the buyer have a professional apply them.

If your independent then stick with the clip-in's. ;)

Q: What lengths does your hair come in?
A: 18", 20", 22" & 24" = Clip In/Tape Hair/Wrap Around Pony/Mini Panels

Q: What is the weight of each set of clip in hair extensions?
A: Each set weighs 100+ grams with clips. Our sets are created with Indian Remy hair which means that the sets are lighter in weight and lighter texture than Asian hair.

Q: How do I put them in?
A: It is pretty self explanatory but the larger pieces are for the back and the smaller are for the sides. YouTube is a great resource for videos that will help you.

Q: Can i order 180 grams of hair instead of 100?
A: No. Our brand is not about un realistic looking hair extensions. Even I can only wear 90 grams and only 6 pieces of the 7 piece set, because I have fine hair. If your hair is thick then a) God blessed you! b)Asian hair is probably a better blend for you. My experience is that two much density is too much weight for the natural hair and therefore can damage your hair. Also the weight of these extensions is evenly distributed around the head for a natural effect. I designed them this way.

Q: My hair is 10" and I want 24" hair extensions!
A: As with all extensions and this includes in my salon...We would tell you NO.
The best blend is created when you keep it realistic. I mean after all, do you want everyone knowing that you are wearing hair extensions? That said a typical rule of thumb is to only double in length. So if your hair is 10", 20" is the max length you can add.

Q: How do I know what length to order?
A: Measure your hair from the ear to ends not from top to bottom. Email me and I will let you know.

Q: I noticed that some of your sets of hair extensions have light thread and light color clips, whats with that?
A: There is always a method to my madness! :) That means that this set was colored on a blonde base. The only way to achieve greatness is to NOT use bleach. So rather than bleach out the hair extensions to add pastel colors we start on a blonde base. We do not switch out the clips because our clips are small and they are clipped under the hair so they do not show.

Q: Do you use Manic Panic, Hot Topic or Directions Colors?
A: The answer is a big NO. Unless you specify that you want us to use "cheap" color that has zero stay power....

Q: Where do you buy your color and what techniques do you use?
A: Don't take it personal. But I don't share tricks of the trade. I spend more time than I am willing to admit on formulating colors using ammonia free professional application techniques. I also mix colors from scratch - the old school way of doing things right. Color requires a chemical reaction so when there isn't heat from the head it makes things a little more challenging! That's why you can't create the same fades at home.

Q: I want to custom order from you! How do I do this and how long will it take?
A: Custom orders are exactly that...custom! They take as long as needed and are not favored over other sales before you. Please submit photos and let's talk.

Q: What is Remy/Remi?
A: The hooked on phonics version: "the cuticle is going in the same direction". Also means that the way the hair was cut off the donor is the same way it is sown onto the weft. This is vital for hair that won't knot up and tangle like most hair on the market.

In layman's terms, it's good quality! 90% of hair sold in beauty supply stores is NOT remy. Even when it claims it is...

Q: So, you only use Remy?
A: YES! We wouldn't sell you something we don't wear ourselves.

Q: OK, so, how do I wash my extensions?
A: Use only cold water and professional Hair Extensions Products ONLY. Brush FIRST before you wash. Air dry on a towel overnight.

Q: Can I curl, flat iron, blow dry?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I color this hair?
A: I don't suggest it but you can. I also suggest NOT using permanent color. This will open and dry out the cuticle. Hair is a dead fiber and there is never any guarantees in the world of hair and color.

Q: Can I send hair extensions to you, so you can color them?
A: No. 90% of hair on the market is coated with a chemical that prevents color. I have no guarantee that the hair you are buying will take color. Trust me, I have tried to help many of you and it only works 10% of the time which is why this service isn't offered and why the hair I import is amazing!

Q: Can I return an order if I don't like it?
A: The answer is simple and it's a no. All companies selling hair extensions have the same rules. If the package is open, it can't be returned. Similar to returning a swim suit. It just doesn't happen.

Q: Exchange?
A: Same answer as above. The bottom line here is that no two sets are the same. There is never any promises with color. If it was that easy we would all be coloring our hair at home. That said, each set can have slight imperfections and that is actually the beauty of hand made. Those imperfections can be "slight" changes of tone at the top of the weft. Being that your own hair covers the area, please don't stress. We don't use textile dyes like factories do and we wouldn't sent you out and about with anything other than beautiful hair. So please don't obsess! :)

Q: Do you make these in your kitchen?
A: Part of me actually wishes I could say yes to this question LOL> only because that means I would be at home hanging out with my dogs! But, NO! I am a professional and I make these extensions in my salon.

Q: Shipping to Australia? UK? Mars?
A: We will ship to wherever - Customs can be a pain in the ARSE but hey that part is out of our control. We provide you with tracking so you can follow the delivery from the get go.

Q: Can I visit your salon and have you do my hair?
A: Anytime!

Q: I am a blogger and video blogger star! Can you send me a free set of hair extensions so I can review them?!
A: Please email your analytics (blog hits) and URL to ninascreativecouture [!at]

Q: Will my order take longer than two weeks?
A: During the holidays, yes. During the snow and ice storms, yes! I wish I could pump these out faster for you ladies but hand made is hand made and I will take the right amount of time to create. Some sets of hair extensions are resistant to color those orders take more love and attention to detail. I process first come first serve. If an order before you turns into a "challenge" then yes it puts the other orders behind. I try and stay positive and creative so... If your on a time line please don't purchase. I can barely keep up and the stress of emails and complaints about the USPS. I get it, trust me but I can't be to blame for slow shipping or the polar vortex.

I am working on achieving extra hands to help me with orders but for now it's only me and my two hands!

Q: Can I call you at your salon?
A: Some of you find me....LOL. But the bottom line is I can never talk on the phone. I work in gloves that are covered in color. If I am not working on an order I have a client in the salon chair. Alie is at the salon Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 9-5. She would be happy to talk to you. Please don't call to place an order. In efforts to stay organized we prefer everything completed online.



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