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5mm magnets great hold for jewelry findings set of six

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6 great holding 5mm Magnets are perfect jewelry findings for bracelet and necklace clasps.
Important Note: Please be Aware!
These can effect the performance of medical devices such as pace makers.
It took me a long time to find these strong magnets for clasps. I was so happy when I finally found some, I bought xtra's to share with you. The 2 sets of six I have listed is all I have left at this time.

If you are not sure how to use them, this is what I do. I cut a piece of wire approx 1&1/2". I make a small curl or coil at one end and then slide the straight end inside one piece of the magnet, through the large whole so it comes out the small hole. I then wire wrap a loop from the straight end. The wire is now secure.. Do the same with the other half of the magnet. And you have a great clasp. ( be sure the curled end of the wire is tucked up inside of the magnet.) The magnets are silver plated, but look great with sterling.

These are made in the USA
These are plated, keep them dry and don't clean with harsh chemicals to keep them nice.
You get 6 complete two piece 5mm magnets... 6 negs 6 positives halves. 1 pos 1 neg make up one magnet so you get 12 pieces in all. Another plus to these clasps... You can add one or two more magnet pieces to add a bit more length to your jewelry.

I also have a small amount of pure copper and some sterling ones available. contact me for info and a listing.

Product Attributes

Color: Silver

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