Pink Rosettes, Dangle Chainmail Earrings, Black Niobium, Mobius Rings

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Pink Rosettes, Dangle Chainmail Earrings, Black Niobium, Mobius Rings


Three interconnected rings in a Mobius design, these cute chainmaille Rosettes are pink, rose, and violet. Each lightweight chainmail rosette hangs on 2.5mm black rolo chain, connected directly to black niobium ear wires.

- Features lightweight earrings
- Hypoallergenic earwires
- Chainmaille earrings!

That's it. Plain and simple; except for one thing: these are not minimal, rather, they're a blend of two forces, inward and outward; a very basic item -- that presents itself like an ice cold slice of watermelon on a blazing hot summer day!

In the daytime, the bright and shiny reflective tricolor rings will "PoP" as they dangle back and forth on the matte black chain, and in the glow of evening candlelight, the shiny rosettes will appear to hover below the darkened chain.

Length: ~1.75" (~36mm)
Drop: 7/8" (22mm)
Rosettes: ~7mm - shiny pink, rose, and violet anodized aluminum rings
Connecting rings are black niobium

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

ChainMaille can be made from most metals, commonly from aluminum, sterling silver, stainless steel, copper, bronze and even niobium and titanium.

*Oh yes, these rosettes can also be found on a matching necklace:

Materials Used

chain, anodized aluminum, black niobium

More Info

Niobium is nice because of its light weight but extremely strong. It is a pure metal and it is hypoallergenic and great for those with sensitive skin. It can be anodized into different colors, depending upon the voltage used. Natural Niobium is a dull gray shade, and a wonderful shade for items that compliment a gunmetal color.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Black Niobium ear wires, black chain and light weight shiny aluminum woven rings

Size: Approx dangle 1¾”

Pattern: Chainmaille mobius pattern pink, rose, violet shades on black

Color: Pink

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Rosaries that fit over the head, Rosary Wrapped chain/necklaces:

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**Spirit beads
Native American (and other cultures too), a bead of a different color or style woven into a pattern to show that perfection has not been achieved, because if perfection were achieved there would be no way for the supreme being to enter into the soul. The soul must have imperfections. In some cultures a strand of thread or a weave pattern is purposely altered in order for God to enter the soul. It's all about not having perfection and leaving room for it in the future.

It is ironic to notice that in the Western Cultures perfection is strived for daily, like climbing a ladder, doing whatever it takes to be the best. All the while, there are people live here on the same planet that purposely strive for imperfection, just so that they can know that there is more to come. Seeking perfection vs knowing perfection and turning away from it.

I enjoy contemplation on this subject matter.


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