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  • Wooden BIRD chandelier Handmade pendant light fixture Hanging light

    Handcrafted Wooden Bird Pendant Light Fixture is a unique combination of form, material and function, and of course serious attention to detail and craftsmanship artist. Personalize your space in your home, office or in a public place (cafe, restaurant, retail space), with this unique wooden bird chandelier that tell a story as unique as you. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Material - natural alder wood, ceiling fixture, pendant cord length, metal components. Light weight. Bulb not included. Dimensions: Bird SIZE В (hole size 4cm = 1.57 in) 39$ per one length - 40cm (15,71in) width - 6cm (2.36 in) thickness - 1.3 cm (0,39 in) Available in 3 versions of wing position. Different wing attitudes depicting the various phases of bird flight. Birds work best in large flocks. And available in many colors options: white, black, lacquered natural, red, blue, silver, gold etc. Ceiling fixture: Separate mount - alluminium (including in price for each birds) Canopy mount - wood (general ceiling fixture with up to 4 birds additional charge 15$, Canopy mount - wood (If from 5 birds it is free) It can be any geometrical form of general fastening, except for a circle - it is more difficult in execution and additional payment + 15 $ Cable colour: textile cable (can be white, black or another color) standard cord length 1.2 m. (can be another length) Details: - metal components (can be white, black, chrome or gold color) - ceiling mounting in the color of the retainer for each luminaire The indicated price is for one separate bird with ceiling fixture. Birds work best in large flocks. You can ordered couple of them with different versions of wing position! As it is a handcrafted chandelier you also can decide any another color of covering, size etc. Custom wishes per request (additional charge): - color design - cable length - bird with another dimensions (large) Also we have one separate bird with another dimensions (large): Bird SIZE A (hole size 4cm = 1.57 in) 59$ per one length - 42cm (16,51in) width - 9cm (3.54 in) thickness - 1.5 cm (0,59 in) You can see and buy it in another our listing! The type of base bulb is E27 that simply and easy goes to Europe, US, Canada, other. Execution of the order is 5-9 working days from the date of order, except weekends. We provide reliable packing for shipping. If you hesitate if our lamps will be good for your electricity details or if you have any important question, please will write me about it and we necessary discussion it together!