Meet the ArtFire Team

John Jacobs - Chief Executive Officer - President/Founder of
John keeps everyone here at Art Fire on track and motivated. He's the one who started the idea for a free online marketplace. John runs other companies and grew up in a crafty household watching his mom try to create a successful business with her own designs. He has an MBA in international business, and has always been a strong supporter of the arts. You can read more about why John is so committed to the mission here.
Tony Ford - Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of
Tony works to connect the buyers with the sellers at Art Fire. He is responsible for the marketing, media, and online development of the Art Fire brand. He also produces some of the written content you'll find on the site. He has worked as a photographer, journalist, and in radio for most of his career. He has passed on his love of art to his daughter, who delights in producing jewelry and bead work. Tony is 32, and has a MBA in International Business. You can read more about how he came to here.
Jessica Johnson - Vice President of Customer Support
Jessica is the one to call or email when you're having trouble with something on the site. She's an active scrapbook maker, although she admits she enjoys just buying the supplies rather than actually working with them (a sin all artisans are guilty of at one point or another). She's 24 years old, happily married and proud parent. She enjoys working at a company where the atmosphere is friendly and buzzing with artistic enthusiasm.
Michael Olson - Media and IT Manager
Michael is really our 'jack-of-all trades' here at Art Fire. He works on editing the website and providing IT service support. He's the one behind our new media and educational project, Art Cast. Michael is 26 years old, and has lived in Tucson for most of his life. He enjoys making jewelry, wood working, and playing with his 2 year-old son in his spare time.
Kyle Melik - Chief Technology Officer
Kyle is responsible for hardware software and everything in between. He hand codes everything he builds and can have a top notch web server up and running in hours. He has been engaged for a couple years and is getting married in 2010.
Sara Moore, Head of the Content Department
That's me! I'm the one who writes all the delightful little newsletters. I also handle some of the written content for the site. I'm 22 years old, and have lived in Arizona all my life. I enjoy writing short stories and painting in my free time.
Matthew J Giustino - Senior Software Developer
Matt creates, modifies, and debugs code and applications on ArtFire. He uses his expert programming knowledge to make your experience on ArtFire a pleasant one. Matt takes pride in being part of the handmade movement at ArtFire. When he's not building new applications and features on ArtFire, he enjoys spending time with his two daughters and his wife of 11 years.
Celia Blackwood
Celia has joined the Artfire team to help coordinate and build our social media presence. You'll find her creating blogs, sending tweets, posting comments and moderating in the forums. She's always keeping an eye out for the next social network phenomenon and loves to promote! When she's not online... Celia is an avid crafter, gardener and chihuahua owner.
Jen Segrest
Jen is Artfire's designer responsible for the sites look and feel, as well as all the print and web ads. She has over 13 years in design and a lifetime of art and crafting experience. She makes pretty pincushions, but also works with beads and is a world renowned researcher of medieval european beadwork. She lives in Middletown, Ohio with her husband and three dogs.
Kirsten Van Detta
Kirsten is here to engage members and buyers across all platforms, both here at Art Fire and elsewhere on the web, to ensure everyone's Art Fire experience is a great one. She helps us keep our ‘ducks in a row'! Kirsten is 31, an avid musician and writer, and a firm believer in Handmade.
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