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Posted On: Aug 4, 2010 at 2:06pm MST

Welcome to the ArtFire Collections Help Guide.  The new ArtFire Collection engine allows every member of ArtFire to produce curated collections of products available for sale on ArtFire.  PRO users can create an unlimited number of collections while Basic members are limited to one collection per 24 hour period.

Member curated collections provide not only a great visual shopping experience, but are also used to populate the front page of ArtFire.com, as well as ArtFire's weekly Collection email.  While every item on ArtFire can be used in a Collection, only Collections that meet certain standards will be considered for the front page and email.  To find out more about those standards, just scroll down to the FAQ part of this post and look for the question "Will my collection appear on the front page?"

Let's get started looking at everything the new ArtFire Collection Engine has to offer!

You'll see some of the most popular member curated collections on the Collections homepage.  You can click on the "view collection" button to familiarize yourself with how a finished collection will look.

Before you can actually create a collection, you'll need to have a MINIMUM of 12 items in your "Collection Queue."


There are two different ways you can add items to your collection queue: from the item's listing page, and from your hotlist. 
1) From the Item Listing Page:  Every item on ArtFire has a brief list of popular sharing methods on the left hand side of the page.  These include sharing on Facebook, Twitter and now "ADD TO COLLECTION."  Clicking the "ADD TO COLLECTION" button will add that item to your Collection queue.  (HINT: clicking the "Add to Collection" button refreshes the page with a new URL.  If you are browsing you will need to hit the back button twice to get back to the page preceding the item listing page).

2) From your Hotlist:  Each item in your hotlist now has an "Add to Collection Queue" text link.  Clicking that link will add the item to your collection queue. 

Once you have a minimum of 12 items in your queue you can make your first Collection. If you want the Collection to be eligible for the front page and emails, you will need at least 16 items, see the "Will my Collection be on the Front Page?" question below for more information. 


There are two ways you can get to the new collection screen.  From the ArtFire Collections homepage, you can click "Create A Collection" from the left hand side "Browse Collections" box.  You will also find a similar text link in the left hand navigation of your MyArtFire dashboard. 

Once you land on the "Create A New Collection" page, you will immediately see some of the items you've added to your Queue along the right side.  Drag and drop the item pictures into your desired placement on the left.  You will be familiar with many of the elements of this page if you've ever used the ArtFire Merchandiser.  If you are not sure how to use something, check for its number in the image below and find the corresponding explanation below the image. 

(*) Denotes a required field

1. Title* - This is the title of your Collection, and the title of the page.  Titles can be between 5 and 155 characters long.   

2. Summary* - This is your description for the collection as the curator.  This summary appears underneath your collection once it is published.  Public browsers and search engines will be able to see this text. Summaries can be between 5 and 500 characters long. 

3. Tags* - Similar to tagging your items or tagging a blog post, use collection tags to associate your Collection with the relevant keywords people would use to find the items in your Collection. You must include at least one tag per Collection.  

4. Holiday / Age / Gender - ArtFire Collections populate Collection-based gift guides.  Selecting the most appropriate choice for holiday / age / gender will help buyers sort out Collections to browse the perfect collections for their current buying interest. 

5. Drag-n-Drop Item Placement - Click and drag items from your queue to place them in one of your 12 main Collection slots.  Drag and drop from your queue or from a main Collection slot. Try dragging and dropping from different areas and over different slots to get a feel for how everything takes place.

6. Collection Queue - This is your queue of items you added from around the site or from your hotlist. Drag and drop items into one of your 12 main collection slots or one of your 4 alternative slots. 

7. Refresh Queue - Use the refresh queue button if you have added items to your queue in a different tab or window.  This button will update your current queue without losing any of the information you have already entered onto the page. 

8. Drag-n-Drop Trash - Drag an item here to remove it from your Collection and queue.  Dragging an item into the trash will NOT affect your previous Collections.  If you trash an item it is removed from the collection you are working on and from your queue.

9. Drag-n-Drop Hotlist - Drag an item here to add it to your hotlist.  Use this feature to hotlist items you'd like to use in future collections, or for any reason you might have to find the item again. Dragging an item to this box will not affect its current position. 

10. Drag-n-Drop Alternatives - Drag items here that you want to be used as substitutes.  Your alternative items will be used in order from left to right. 

11. Clear Entire Queue - This button will clear out your entire Collection queue.  

12. Front Page and Email Check-box - Check this box (if able) to submit your Collection for front page and email consideration.  Scroll down to "Will My Collection Appear on the Front Page?" for more information. 

13. Personalized Inclusion Message - Each artisan in your main Collection (up to 12) will receive a message notifying them that they have been included in your Collection.  Leaving this field blank will send the default message.  Personalize your message by writing a brief note here.  

14. Notify Me of Comments Check box - Click this button if you would like to receive notifications of new comments on your collection.  Please be aware that you cannot turn this notification off, if your collection is popular you may receive quite a few notifications. 

15. Publish Collection Button - Once you have completed all of the required fields, click this button to publish your Collection. You can NOT edit Collections once published, so double check everything to make sure you are happy with it.   If there are any errors or elements you need to address you will see red explanatory text after a publish attempt.  

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Posted On: Aug 4, 2010 at 2:23pm MST


What can I use collections for?

The only thing that limits what ArtFire Collections can be used for is your imagination.  While many PRO members will be interested in the chance of front page exposure from collections, you are welcome to use the ArtFire Collection engine in any way you see fit.  You could create collections made up of all basic members or all guild mates.  You could create a collection of great additions to a fall wardrobe.  You could create a collection of just your items or you could even create a "wish list" collection of items you're wishing for.  The possibilities are endless!  If you are mainly interested in how to create front page eligible collections, please see "Will my collection be on the front page?" below. 

Will my collection be on the front page?

The collections that appear on the front page of ArtFire are chosen by ArtFire staff members from a pool of "eligible" collections.  A collection's eligibility is determined based on three factors:
      1. The collection has all 12 main slots and 4 alternative slots filled.
      2. The collection exclusively features PRO member items.  That means 16 items from 16 different PRO sellers. 
      3. The third element of eligibility has to do with how recently each PRO member in the collection has been featured on the front page.  The pool of eligible collections is updated immediately before a time slot is filled by a staff member.  

How do I know if a PRO member is eligible to be featured on the front page?

All PRO members are eligible to be featured on the front page.  As long as your collection features 16 different PRO members it will likely be eligible for selection in the near future.  Remember that eligibility does NOT guarantee a collection will be selected for the front page or the Collection of the Week email.  

How do I know if one of my collections has been selected for the front page?

If your collection appears on the front page you will receive a notification via internal message from the ArtFire system.  Because the collection schedule is subject to change, you will only be notified when the collection is actually on the front page.  Collections that have been featured on the front page will also be marked as such with the "Front Page" collection artifact.   

Can basic members be included in collections?

Basic member items can be included in collections. Collections containing basic member items are not considered eligible for the front page.  Remember that the ArtFire Collection Engine  is much more than a "Front Page Machine."  Don't be afraid to try something different!

Can basic members curate / create collections?

Basic members can create a new collection every 24 hours.  This 24 hour period is reset for each basic member at midnight Arizona time.  Basic member curated collections can be eligible for the front page as long as they meet the aforementioned standards. PRO members can create an unlimited amount of collections with no time restrictions. 

Can I include myself in a collection?

You are welcome to include yourself in your collections.  You can even create collections that only show your own items.  If you are trying to make a collection eligible for the front page however, every PRO member is subjected to the same eligibility determination whether or not they are the curator of a collection.  If you are a basic member, you will not be able to include yourself in a collection that is front page eligible. 

How can I share my collection?

There are several different ways to share your collection that are built into the collection engine itself.  When you are viewing your collection you'll see several sharing links along the left side: 
     Share on Facebook -  This will let you share your collection on Facebook as a status update to your friends and family.  If you want to share a collection on your fan page you will need to do so with the collections URL manually, this share link is set up to share via your personal profile to your friends.  
     Tweet it on Twitter -  Similar to "Tweet this item" you get an automatically generated tweet that you can edit or tweet as it is to your followers. 
     Email this to a friend - This will pop up an email with the link in the text field. 
     Create a widget  - This will take you to a widget creator that will allow you to make a static widget of this collection.  Choose the layout and color you like, copy the widget code, and paste it into your blog or website!  The widget uses static HTML rather than any dynamic script to allow for maximum compatibility around the web. 

Do my collections have separate statistics?

You can view some of your collection statistics on the collection itself.  Next to your curator logo you will see the number of views, comments, and ratings.

You can quickly view the stats of all your active collections by clicking the "My Collection Stats" option from the left nav in your MyArtFire (It's in the drop down for "My Collections").  On this page you will also see referring URLs to your collections.  Click the [view urls] option for any individual collection to see just the referring URLs for that collection. 

What happens if more than four items in my original collection are no longer available for sale?

Once five items from the original collection are no longer available for sale the collection will be retired and removed from the site.  Any links pointing to a collection that has been retired will be redirected to your public "My Collections" page.  There is no way to save retired collections.  If you would like to save items in your collections for future use, you will need to hot list them before the collection is retired. 

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Posted On: Aug 7, 2010 at 12:45am MST

This is a really great feature.. The collection is very easy to make, and the tutorial helps a lot..

Here's my first collection: Preparing for a baby girl...

Have fun!~!~

PDF Sewing Patterns, Handmades and Vintage Findings...
~Mailing List~

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Posted On: Aug 7, 2010 at 11:57am MST

This is wonderful!!! Many thanks!!!

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Posted On: Aug 7, 2010 at 1:51pm MST

Thanks for this help guide, Kevin! I'm excited to get started now on my first Collection. :)

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Posted On: Aug 8, 2010 at 6:17am MST

Glad I seen this post. will be back to read it again later!

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Posted On: Aug 8, 2010 at 3:09pm MST

Thanks for this guide! I do wish there were a way to edit my collection. I created one yesterday that I'm particularly proud of and forgot to check the box to have it considered for the front page. :(

I have to say, though, I am loving this new feature! Thanks so much.:)


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Posted On: Aug 9, 2010 at 8:35am MST

Glad I found the tutorial! :( I'm tech challenged.

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Posted On: Aug 9, 2010 at 10:44am MST

Nicely done!

~ rose

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Posted On: Aug 9, 2010 at 12:39pm MST

When we submit a collection, does it become live right away, or do we wait for approval?

I did one, submitted it, and cannot find it in my collections at all. The pictures are all still in my queue.

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