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Posted On: Feb 12, 2010 at 12:02pm MST

Facebook has recently announced they will no longer support tabs for personal profiles as of 11/2/2011. The ArtFire Kiosk will still work for your Business Fan Pages. This guide will be updated soon to reflect these changes.

Welcome to the ArtFire Kiosk guide for Facebook. Whether you're a veteran Facebooker, or a first timer just registering; we'll have your Kiosk up and running in no time! The ArtFire Kiosk is a revolutionary new way to bring your ArtFire store to one of the largest communities anywhere on the internet. Using ArtFire's Checkout Enabled technology and an innovate integration method, you can bring your ArtFire studio to your Facebook Business Page(s).

1.  Getting Started: Registering on Facebook

If this is your first experience with Facebook, you will need to start by registering.Head to www.facebook.com and fill in the input fields with your name, an email address, and other information. Facebook helps you connect with friends, family, and associates. It is advisable, at a minimum, to keep all information you enter real, even if you choose to withhold most details about yourself. Also remember that you cannot create a profile for your business, so you’ll need to use your real name here. If you’re signing upon Facebook just to create a business fan page, you’ll still need to create a profile first. Enter your information, and prove you are a human with a security CAPTCHA to continue.

2. Create a Facebook Business Page

Just like a personal profile is your presence on Facebook, a "page" will be your business' presence on Facebook.  As per Facebooks rules starting 11/2/2010, you will not be able to have personalized tabs on your personal profile.  You can however still have personalized tabs like the ArtFire Facebook Kiosk on your Business Pages.  If you don't already have a business page set up for your ArtFire studio you can set one up as follows.  Make sure you’re logged in, then click here to go to the page creation page on Facebook.

Fill out the information as you deem appropriate. I decided to consider my demo business primarily a website, but you might want to classify your business otherwise. Make sure the "Name of _____" is the name you want your page to be. This will be the name of your page and you cannot change it once it’s set. Provide your electronic signature letting Facebook know your authorized to make the page, and click "Create Page".

Like your profile, you can now set up your page all about your business.This will be your business' presence on Facebook. An accurate and detailed page will increase your credibility and buyer confidence in your brand. Take a few moments to fill out your page, or come back later and write it up. All pages are basically drafts until you click the "publish this page" link.When you're ready, publish your page!

Tip: There aren't many easy ways to access your Facebook page. Bookmark it,and remember you can always manage all your pages by going the Facebook Page Management Screen.

4. Finding and Authorizing the ArtFire Facebook Kiosk Application

Once you have your page(s) set up, it's time to get the kiosk application. The easiest way to find the application is go to the Kiosk Application page on Facebook.When you land on the page you should be greeted with the page for the ArtFire Facebook Kiosk Application. When you're ready, just click the big yellow "Authorize App Now" button.

After clicking this button you'll be taken to an access page where you permit the application to pull information from your profile that it needs to work. Don't worry, your privacy is safe with us, we will never sell or reveal your private information. Click the blue "Allow" button to continue.

5. Linking Your ArtFire and Facebook Accounts

Now it's time to let the application know who you are on ArtFire. To pull your studio, we'll need to know your username, as well as the answer to the security question you used when you signed up. With this information, the ArtFire Facebook Kiosk can pull your shop banner and currently listed items!

6. Adding the ArtFire Facebook Kiosk to your Fan Page

Even though you've authorized the ArtFire Facebook Kiosk, you still need to specifically add it to each PAGE you'd like it to appear on. The first thing you’ll need to do is go to the ArtFire Facebook Kiosk Application profile.  Once you're at the profile page, just click the "Add to my page" button along the left side of the screen, it will be with other text links but it is NOT a button, it is just a link that reads "Add to my page"

When you click the "Add to my Page" button, a window should pop up asking you which pages you'd like to add this application to. Select any pages you'd like your ArtFire Kiosk to appear on. Once you've clicked the button, go ahead and close this window.

7. Check Your Business Page

Once you've added the kiosk to your business page you should see it as a tab on your business page.  IF YOU JUST MADE YOUR PAGE your kiosk might be pushed into the tab overflow area because of the new "Getting Started" tab that Facebook shows you as a new page owner.  If you don't see your kiosk, but you do see a  ">>" button at the end of your tabs, the kiosk is most likely in that overflow.  If you click the >> button then click and drag the kiosk over another tab you should be able to put the kiosk in place of another tab like discussion.

Got any other problems? Post your questions here or in the Bug Reports section of the Forums.

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DanglingDivas $badge

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Posted On: Feb 12, 2010 at 6:11pm MST

Hi Sara,

I just set up my Facebook Kiosk, but I can't link to it from my Artfire page. In other words, clicking on the "f" doesn't take me to my corresponding Facebook page. Clicking on the star takes me to my regular website and clicking on the "E" takes me to my etsy site, so it seems something may be wrong with my "f" Facebook link?

ArtFireSMO $badge

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Posted On: Feb 17, 2010 at 4:51pm MST

Hi DanglingDivas,

I looked into this issue and it seems the Market Hub is being a little to restrictive on what it wants the URL to look like. There are certain reasons why we need to make sure its is, say, a Facebook link there, other wise you could link to anything (even bad stuff).

However I talked with the development team and they should be able to scale it back to taking all formats of Facebook links rather then the very restrictive format the market hub takes now.

SoniaRodriguezDesigns $badge


Posted On: Feb 26, 2010 at 10:33am MST

I uploaded and linked my Facebook to my Artfire, but when I click on it in my tabs nothing shows up, if I click on the item for sale then it item comes up and I can see that. But I can not see anything on the main page of my artfire kiosk page...Help New

ArtfireMarketing $badge

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Fire Mentor Artisan  
Posted On: Feb 26, 2010 at 10:51am MST

This is actually a FB problem we are trying to isolate. The first page is fed by Facebook, all of the other pages come from our servers. The Facebook image servers have been acting up since their layout changes last week. We're looking into how to work around.

TekaandZoe $badge


Posted On: Apr 7, 2010 at 1:00pm MST

I just added the Artfire App to my fan page on Facebook. But when I go to add the app by clicking the arrow like the tutorial says..nothing shows up..when I type in Artfire to the search..nothing shows up.....There is nothing at the bottom left that shows applications. I thought I would try to add the app again and I get "You have already linked your Facebook profile to your ArtFire account! Add the Facebook Kiosk to your profile page now! Your fan pages have already been linked to ArtFire as well!". I reboot and try again. Nada. What am I doing wrong?

ArtFireSMO $badge

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Posted On: Apr 7, 2010 at 4:18pm MST

You might have missed one step in there.

It should appear on your personal profile once you've authorized it, but you have to go in and specifically make it available to your fan page after that.

underneath the profile picture click "Add to my page"  and click the "Add to page" button in the pop up.  That should make it an available tab for your fan page. 

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Posted On: Apr 15, 2010 at 3:53pm MST

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Posted On: May 1, 2010 at 4:59pm MST

I had a previous Artfire account, that was linked to Facebook. I now have a new Artfire account. How do I unlink the old Artfire account from Facebook so that I can link my new one? Every time I try to add the Kiosk, it says I am all ready linked (the old account)... Thank you

KrazyCreations $badge


Posted On: May 2, 2010 at 11:37am MST

Help, I tried to place my ArtFire Kiosk on my Facebook page and ended up makin a new facebook page, (which I deactivated) and now I am unable to add it to the correct facebook page what did I do wrong??

When I go to the ArtFire Kiosk page and try to add to fan page :

You have already linked your Facebook profile to your ArtFire account! Add the Facebook Kiosk to your profile page now!
Help Please.
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