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Posted On: Dec 22, 2010 at 3:11pm MST

You can access the ArtFire Sales Data Export Tool by clicking here, or by navigating to your My ArtFire Dashboard, clicking the “My Orders” drop-down, and selecting the Sales Data Export tool.

The ArtFire Sales Data Export tool is a fast and flexible way to generate a common separated values (CSV) document of your ArtFire sales history. The step by step process of the exporter makes it easy to select the date range, date format, order data, and column titles. These options enable you to download a CSV file of your orders that is tailored to your specific needs.

The sales data exporter itself has a step by step process that explains how to customize every aspect of your CSV record.

Hint: If you just want the default settings and ALL of your orders in a CSV you can click download right away. You only need to complete a step if you want to change the presets already there.

Hint: If you see any XXXXXXXX entries in a spreadsheet program, this generally means the column is too thin to display the data entry.  Widen the column to see the full date display.

Step 1: The Date Range:

Complete this step to define the date range for orders that you’d like to export.  You could choose January 1st 2010 to December 31st 2010 to export order information for all sales in 2010, or  any other date range you’d like.  You can leave these fields blank to simply pull all orders on file.

Step 2: The Date Format:

If there is a specific date format you need this step lets you set that format.  The standard format is MM-DD-YYYY.

Step 3: Order Data to Export:

In your CSV file, each row will be  information about one order.  This tool can export up to 9 different pieces of data about a single order on ArtFire.   On top of selectingwhat shows up on the CSV, you can also define where the date will be located (which column).  Each column has a drop-down for you to select the data to appear there.  If you do not need all 9 columns just select “omit column” for the extras.

Here are the definitions for each piece of order data that can be exported:

  • Order # – The ArtFire order number
  • Order Date – The date the order was placed on ArtFire
  • Buyer Name – The first and last name of the buyer of the order
  • Item Total – The total of all items in an order
  • Shipping Total – The total of all shipping charges for the order
  • Order Total – The grand total of the order
  • Country - The shipping country for the order
  • State – The shipping state for the order
  • Source – The “Source” will always display as “” and can be a useful column if you are combining order data from multiple venues
  • Omit Column – This isn’t actually a piece of order data, but it is the option that you would select if you have extra columns that you don’t need

Step 4: Change the Column Names

The column headers will default to the exact name of a piece of order data from above.   Some software requires that columns be named something specific.  A program might specify that the second column should be the purchasers name and be titled “Payee”.  If that were the case you would make sure “Buyer Name” was selected for column 2, and you would rename column 2 to “Payee.”

Once all the steps you need to complete have been finished you’re ready to download the CSV file.  If you don’t have any software that can open and display the information in a CSV both Open Office Calc and Google Docs Spreedsheet are free programs that can open CSV files.

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Fire Mentor Artisan  
Posted On: Dec 22, 2010 at 3:18pm MST


Great tool.
Nat aka Hazel(nut)
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Posted On: Dec 22, 2010 at 6:37pm MST

Excellent instructions and a great tool.

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Posted On: Dec 22, 2010 at 6:54pm MST

How about item name? I inventory all my merchandise by a serial number that appears in my item name field. Without this I can't track my inventory.
Otherwise a very productive tool. thanks

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Posted On: Dec 27, 2010 at 10:36am MST

I would like to request the item name/title field also.

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Posted On: Jan 10, 2011 at 12:22pm MST

I cannot get this to work. I keep getting a message that the module is not available. I used all the pre-set settings and clicked the "Create CSV" button. Is this not working yet?

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Posted On: Oct 8, 2014 at 5:30pm MST

What I really need is a way to export my unsold items into a spreadsheet