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Posted On: Apr 14, 2011 at 7:06am MST

There’s been an amazing response to this week’s post on Twitter in the forums! We’re so thrilled to see that so many of you were already on the platform, and that many of you hopped right on the bandwagon without much difficulty. It was so great getting all of your @ replies over the past few days!

We’re going to use today’s post to focus on a few specifics with Twitter and get a bit more in-depth.

What should I talk about on Twitter?

We’ve seen a few comments in the forums that it seems a bit overwhelming thinking about what to tweet. Here’s the catch about Twitter… try not to overthink it. Twitter should be more natural than Facebook, and involve less prep. Where as you may post much more about your work and your progress on projects, Twitter should be your chance to really connect on a personal level with your customers. That’s just it — it’s about your personality. Share a few quotes you like, maybe blog posts that you find interesting, or even just talk about what you’re doing over the weekend.

How do I get more Twitter followers?

First off, be sure to use the email sync option when you sign up for Twitter so you can sure that the people you’re already emailing know about you on Twitter! It can’t be easier than that. Next up — try posting on your Facebook Page and telling your followers they can also find you on Twitter (you could even tie in a contest to this, offering 10% off to a random new follower). Maybe give them some incentive? An example may be that maybe you tell Facebook fans that you will post new styles on Twitter first. It’s totally up to you! You can also mention it in your email newsletter if you send one out…. And you can also add it to your email signature along with your Facebook Page!

I seem to be missing some of my @ replies.

If you aren't following someone who @ replies you, the comment won't show up in your stream. This means it's incredibly easy to miss @ replies... and you don't want that! We highly recommend signing up for Postlingall of your @ replies (in addition to Facebook wall posts) will show up in your dashboard. With the click of a button you can easily respond to all of your comments without having to go to Twitter. This way you save time and make sure that you catch all of your @ replies! 

How do I get people to click on my links?

If you describe in your tweets what the link actually is, the likelihood of that link being clicked is going to be much higher. For example, if you’re tweeting a link out to a blog post about new necklace styles maybe your tweet will read, “Jackie’s blog covers the newest necklace styles… from gems to wires. Check it out! [LINK]”. People are wary to click on links that they don’t know where they’re going. Help them out a bit!

What about these spammers that are following me?

If they’re following you, you absolutely don’t need to follow them back. Be smart about the people you follow back since you’ll see their tweets in your stream all the time. Similarly, if you are following someone and they tweet way too much you can unfollow them. It's your stream, you should decide what you see in it!

Should I auto-post my blog posts to Twitter and Facebook?

This is something we’ll cover more in-depth later in bootcamp, but here is an initial answer. Now, some blogging websites send links toTwitter and Facebook that look spammy. If this is the case, then I would say no and recommend you either do this through Postling or manually. After all, you want your followers to click on those links! In Postling we have a smart work flow, so once you publish your blog post we automatically ask if you want to post a link to your blog on Twitter and Facebook. We let you easily drop in a shortened bit.ly link as well so it’s really easy.

How can I tell if sales come from Twitter or Facebook?

We recommend using unique coupon codes for each social networking site. Maybe you offer your followers on Twitter 25% off with the code “tweetapril” and 25% off for followers on Facebook with the code“facebookapril”. This way you can accurately track just how much business is coming from which site.

Now for a bit of inspiration!

Here are a few Twitter accounts from small businesses thatwe think do a fantastic job on Twitter. Take a quick look at these and see whythey’re regarded as the top tweeters in their fields!

Lastly, we have a few success stories we thought might help inspire everyone:

Let us know how you’re progressing!



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Posted On: Apr 14, 2011 at 8:43am MST

Thank you for all of the great information, Alexis! Marking to read later.
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Posted On: Apr 14, 2011 at 8:53am MST

Thank you for this post. I have a better understanding of Twitter!
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aMagpiesDream $badge

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Posted On: Apr 14, 2011 at 9:01am MST

Great post! I totally agree that you should just follow people who interest you. For a while I was following everyone who followed me, but I've started unfollowing people who just spam product links throughout the day. I don't pay attention to them anyways (I don't think many people do), so why should they be there? They just get in the way of me finding the tweets and links that interest me.


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Posted On: Apr 14, 2011 at 9:02am MST

I haven't developed an appreciation for Twitter. I guess it's time to start.
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Posted On: Apr 14, 2011 at 9:06am MST

marking for later read.

ScentedCreations $badge

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Posted On: Apr 14, 2011 at 9:09am MST

Just set up on twitter. It will take some getting used to.




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Posted On: Apr 14, 2011 at 9:11am MST

Thanks again :)

RockBug $badge

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Posted On: Apr 14, 2011 at 9:12am MST

I really enjoy twitter, it does seem a bit more natural to me than facebook. I've "met" a lot of other artisans and some fun non-artisans. I'll certainly check out these links.

CricketCreekDesigns $badge

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Posted On: Apr 14, 2011 at 9:22am MST

Thanks for this post. Now I feel a little more relaxed and less worried about what to tweet. I was over thinking it before, and ended up not tweeting at all.

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