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Posted On: Jan 15, 2010 at 6:50pm MST

The forum search has been updated to include more advanced options to help you find posts and discussions on the ArtFire forums faster, easier, and without a headache!

Here are the different elements of an Advanced Forum Search.

1.    Keywords – Enter the keywords you’d like to search for. Fewer and broader keywords might return a lot of results.


2.      1. Exclude– If you’d like to exclude something (keywords or posts by a user as explained in 4,  type them in here.


3.      2. Search:  This tells the system what to search for.  All Topic Posts will scan every post on the forums. Other options allow you to search only topic titles, topics or general posts by a specific user, as well as scanning only opening posts.


4.      3. Exclusions- Here you can toggle what you’d like to exclude, keywords or posts by a user.


5.      4. Preset Date Range – You can choose to search only within the date ranges: “past week” “past month,” “past 6 months,” and “past 12 months.” 


6.      5. Specific Date Range – If you know the specific date range you’d like to search in, you can use the drop-down calendars in this field to select  your range.


7.      6. Specific Categories – You can choose to search within a specific category.  The default search is set to scan all categories.


8.      7. Show Results – This is the button you’ll press once you have defined all of your search parameters to see your results.

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Posted On: Jan 18, 2010 at 1:23pm MST

Thanks for this guide! I still have a question. When I do a search, I see a list of results of individual posts from a thread. However, if I want to view a particular post, I cannot see how to select that post. If I click the thread title, it takes me to the first page of the thread, not to the page with the post I want to see. Am I missing a setting in the search somewhere?

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